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Post  LordTomyh on Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:10 pm

PLEASE NOTE: This is a script series that i'm planning to turn into a story. This is a World of Warcraft story and the characters are shared between me and my friends

TOMYH: (Voice Over) ... In a land, of Magic and War. A world of conflict and heroes, where the righteous defenders of civilization and hope are found on ancient battlefields and –

(A Paladin goes flying out the Window of the upper story, landing with a loud thud on the grassy earth below)

TOMYH: (Voice Over) or not ... Anyway. What was I saying?
RENEGADE: (Voice Over) what the f*** are you talking about?
TOMYH: I don't know. My head's a little fuzzy. Think someone put something in my drink
RENEGADE: Again? You sure you just haven't had enough
TOMYH: Unless Darnassian Apple cider is now alcoholic, then yes. I'm sure someone spiked my drink
RENEGADE: But who'd be stupid enough to spike you're –

(A dwarf crashes onto their table, his nose broken and bleeding and his eye's blacker than night)

RENEGADE: ... Bar Fight?
TOMYH: Bar Fight
RENEGADE: So who'd you think started it?
TOMYH: You're still asking that question? After we've been kicked out of how many pubs and inns cause of him?
RENEGADE: (Sigh) Yeah. So we going to drag him out?
TOMYH: Nah, I'd say just kick back and relax
MAN: (Grabs Tomyh and lifts the elf to his feet) Hey You!
TOMYH: Or Not (Grabs a bottle and smashes it over the guys head) Guess we're involved now (Rushes into the Fray)
RENEGADE: I'm not involved. Stupid Elf (Someone breaks a chair over his head. Unfazed he stands up and joins the brawl) Ok Who Did That!

(The brawl continues for another ten minutes. With Ren, Tom and Ironz facing off against everyone else in the room. Surrounded the three heroes are forced through the door in the main street of Thelsamar)

BARTENDER: An' Stay Out!
TOMYH: ... Well, that's another Inn we're banned from (Walks off)
RENEGADE: Never Liked the Stoutlager anyway. (Walks off) So where to now Tom?
TOMYH: How bout Stormwind. Haven't been there in a while
RENEGADE: Yeah might as well. Isn't like anything's going to happen to Stormwind anytime soon
TOMYH: You never know
RENEGADE: It's not like a giant black dragon is gonna fall from the sky and land on the place or anything
TOMYH: You Never Know (Starts Laughing)
RENEGADE: (Starts Laughing)
IRONZ: (Following the two with the paladin over his shoulder)

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Ch. 1 - Day of the Dragon

Post  LordTomyh on Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:16 pm

Part 1
(A gentle breeze stirred the summer air. A warm cloudless day washed over the majestic human city of Stormwind. Its stone walls abuzz with activity as people from far and wide take advantage of the summer heat. Average citizens walked the cobbled paths, rubbing elbows with noble adventures and heroes. Merchants and trades people advertising their wares and skills while under the watchful eye of the guards.)

(In the crowded Trade District in the cities south east, the famous Gilded Rose Inn has its tables and chairs packed, yet people still piled in. There was merriment and cheer aplenty as people toasted to the heroes who kept their fair city safe. Patrons dance in every available space, Mugs and goblets crashed together in great toasts and laughter was heard all around. Not a sign of anger or violence was to be seen.)

(Towards the back of the inn sit the night elf Tomyh, a well known hunter who many of the inn patrons owe their lives to)

(Another toast went up and the elf raised his mug, when a scream was heard from the courtyard outside, followed by another, and another, and another, till all that can be heard was screams. Many of the patrons rush out to see what was happening. Others remain rooted where they stood, too dumbfounded to move)

(Tomyh slowly rose to his feet, taking advantage of his height to peer over the heads of everyone else. A pair of heavy footsteps thundered down the staircase as a hulking figure emerged from above)

RENEGADE: What In The Name Of The Naruu Was That?
TOMYH: I don't know, but I had nothing to do with it
RENEGADE: Obviously. You're standing right here

(An ear splitting roar ripped the air, shattering windows and knocking down people close to the front wall. The elf and draenei braced themselves against the shockwave as tables and chairs were flung across the room)

TOMYH: "... I'm guessing that a large dragon just landed on Stormwind, probably a black male with a wingspan over 100 feet

(An overturned table besides the elf was knocked aside as a large 8" long crocolisk clawed its way out from a pile of chairs, hissing fiercely. On six squat legs it moved over to the elves side, in its mouth a large long bow and quiver. The draenei looked down in surprise at the crocolisk as it gently laid the weapon and leather container at the elves feet)

TOMYH: Thank you Chomper. Renegade, I think we've got a serious problem
RENEGADE: (Smiles) how bad?
TOMYH: A black dragon just landed on Stormwind, a behemoth. And if we don't stop it, we are All Going to Die
RENEGADE: I'm a Death Knight; I'm already dead. Besides, I was in the war of the Scourge, the purging of Draenor AND the Exodus of Argus. What can be worse than that?

TOMYH: (crossed the room in several strides) A gigantic, black dragon with the ability to breathe molten magma and destroy solid ground with a single swipe of its claws

(Tomyh reached the open door of the inn and took in the sight outside. The courtyard outside had become a field of chaos. The once clear blue sky was the colour of flame, heavy black clouds hung noxiously on the air. People ran screaming, fighting each other to escape. People were knocked down and trampled as the human self preservation instinct took over. The elf noticed that they all fled away from the road leading to the main gate, as if something had blocked their path)

TOMYH: (Loud sigh) Here we go again

(Outside the inn, chaos rules the streets. An unending torrent of people run screaming through the streets, market stalls are overturned and trampled into the cobblestone, their wares lying forgot or destroyed in the streets. Fire has taken to several of the buildings as stone and wood explode in showers of and debris and sparks)

(In the centre of this hysterical vortex stood Tomyh, bow in hand. His eyes locked on the monstrosity before him. Though only half of it was in sight it dwarfed the majestic stone gate of Stormwind)

(Tomyh stood in shock, his amber eyes flickering with fear and a primal anger. Beside him Chomper was as still as the elf, starring at the monster before them in awe and horror.)

TOMYH: So I find you at last, Xaxas

(Tomyh stood dead to the world around him, his eyes locked on the dragon before him. A building behind him exploded and he failed to notice it even as he was showered in ash and debris. The fires burst forward suddenly, threatening to swallow him whole)

(A wave of ice spread along the blaze, freezing it instantly. Renegade ran up to his friend’s side, his hand still aglow from the ice spell he had cast, staring up at the dragon in shock, his mouth trying to form words. After several dry swallows his voice returned.)

RENEGADE: That ... Is a Big Ass!”

(The sound of Renegade’s voice snapped Tomyh out of his trance, his eyes blinking like fluttering wings of a bird the elf turned to his friend, a small smile on his face.)

TOMYH: Then you don’t want to see the front
RENEGADE: Any bright ideas?
TOMYH: ... one. You won't like it
RENEGADE: I don't like most of your ideas

(Tomyh reaches into his quiver and draws out a large arrow. Renegade sees the arrow and jumps away from the elf)

RENEGADE: Oh f*** No, not the Fireworks, do you remember the last time you used them?
TOMYH: ... No
RENEGADE: It was on some Troll attacking Alliance cravens in Loch Modan. I woke up in Menethil Harbor, three weeks later.
TOMYH: Oh yeah, that was half a quiver, this is one
RENEGADE: Doesn’t take you long to go from one to all
TOMYH: Will you just let me shoot this dragon's giant stone ass?
RENEGADE: Fine, shoot the dam thing

(Tomyh readies the arrow, starring down the shaft he locks onto his target, as chaos rules around him)

TOMYH: Here we go again

(The following explosion shatters all glass within the trade district, the main gate is hidden from view by the fireball and debris is flung as far as the docks, Amongst the ruin Tomyh still stands, bow lowered, Ren stand over him, whistling slowly at the damage as the shock wave rolls over them)

RENEGADE: Ok. Firing allot of them at once is a bad thing. One’s not too bad. It took care of that dragon like a snap
TOMYH: I wasn't aiming to kill
TOMYH: That was to get his attention; these are for the kill (Tomyh holds up his bow, which is lined with forty nine arrows, ready to fire)
RENEGADE: ... All of Them! How Many Arrows Do You Have In That Quiver?
TOMYH: ... 50
RENEGADE: How Much Did You Have In Loch Modan?
TOMYH: ... 14
RENEGADE: ... Are you Suicidal?
TOMYH: No ... but I do like tempting death

(Without looking away from his Death Knight friend Tomyh releases the arrows, straight into Deathwing's face as the large black rushes to eat the Elf and Draenei)

(The dust cloud plunged the world into darkness, the fires extinguished by the shockwave, people are heard screaming, calling out for aid and loved ones, Deathwing's voice is heard over all others)


(Deathwing’s powerful wing beats blow the dust cloud away, revealing the city of Stormwind, exactly as it was before Tomyh's arrows hit Deathwing)

(Tomyh pulls himself out of the rubble of the auction house with the help of Chomper, his bow a pile of splinters amongst the cut stones)

TOMYH: (Cough) that was, (Cough) strange, why is (Cough) Stormwind still in one piece? ... Ren, Ren? ... Renegade? Where did you go?

VOICE: No you idiot, it's me
TOMYH: Raphon? What are you doing here; I thought you were still in Ironforge
RAPHON: (Looks around) I was, what the f*** happened here? Did She Go on another rampage again?
TOMYH: No, Deathwing did
RAPHON: D-D-D-Deathw-w-w-w-wing? He's alive, he was here? OH REPENT, REPENT, THE END HAS COME, THE END IS NIGH, REPENT, REPENT!
TOMYH: Oh shut up, he's gone

(Someone walks up behind the two and punches the human in the back, knocking him forward into the ruins of the guild masters building, Tomyh looks up at the stranger without raising an eyebrow)

TOMYH: Oh, there you are Ren
RENEGADE: Did you notice that there was a training dummy lodged in the wall of the Gilded Rose
TOMYH: ... No, No I didn't
RENEGADE: That raises a very serious question
TOMYH: like what, why is a training dummy lodged in the wall of the Inn we were staying (Beat) wait a minute, did you notice that this place is still roughly intact, as in, No ice, What so ever
RENEGADE: That's what I’m getting at, last time I saw her, she was in the old town training, then we find this (Points with his thumb to the training Dummy behind him), and no ice
RAPHON: So what's that mean?
RENEGADE: Raphon? When’d you get here?
RAPHON: 'bout five minutes ago. When I was walking through the Ironforge armory, then the next thing I know, I'm plummeting to earth, right into the middle of the almost demolished trade district
TOMYH: Don't know, don't care, next problem
RAPHON: We better get out of here, before the king shows
TOMYH: And right on cue, greetings your royal pain in my-
RAPHON: Tomyh! (Bows to the king) You’re Majesty
KING VARIAN WRYNN: You Three, and the rest of Your Accursed Group, Are Nothing but Trouble. Last Time it was the Stormwind Barracks That Was Destroyed in an Explosion
RENEGADE: (Leans into Raphon and whispers in his ear) Game of Arrow roulette
RAPHON: I was there; I was strapped to the explosives
KING VARIAN WRYNN: The Time before That was the Problem with the Stormwind Armada
TOMYH: Hey, Raphon was steering. I was Navigator
RAPHON: You drank 46 liters of the strongest Ale they had in Ironforge. That stuff could knock out a frost giant.
RAPHON: Don’t ask
TOMYH: So. We done here?
KING VARIAN WRYNN: If Not For Your Impressive War Records, I Would Throw You All In The Stockades. In Light Of Your Services To Stormwind And To The Alliance, I Hereby Exile You Three, And The Rest Of Your Companions from this City and All the Lands Under It’s Jurisdiction. Until Further notice! If you set foot in my lands, I will have you thrown into the Stockades. You have Two Hours to Leave. (Walks off)
TOMYH: ... Right, I think that went well
RAPHON: Tomyh, we just got exiled from Stormwind. Again! And we don't know when we're allowed back
RENEGADE: Could have been worse
RAPHON: How? How could it have been worse?
RENEGADE: We could have been exiled from Ironforge
RAPHON: ... I hate you ... I hate you all
RENEGADE: So what now Tom?
TOMYH: Well, I have to make a new bow, and we have to go find your sister-in-law, again
RAPHON: Can we please make the bow first?
RENEGADE: Tom, can't you just buy one and we get on our way
TOMYH: No, I need a proper bow, one that's suited to me; however I can buy one until then
RAPHON: Um, from where? The Weapon merchant ran away and the shop burned down
TOMYH: The Dwarven District Raphon, they’ve always got something
RAPHON: (Sigh) Fine
RENEGADE: We also need to ask around, get some basic idea on where she's gone
TOMYH: Yeah, your job
RENEGADE: (Sigh) Fine

Part 3
(Five minutes later, as the citizens of Stormwind recover from the world shattering disaster, Tomyh and Raphon stand across the counter from a stout dwarf in the cities northern district, a smoke covered area filled with the sounds of restless forges and inns)

DWARF: Sorry laddie, we aw all it of bows, longbows, short bows and crossbows. in fact we're almost completely it ay stock as it is. Th’ supply trains hae yit tae come in frae Ironforge an' Kalimdor. An' I’ve sent adventurers sic' as ye it tae brin' some ay them in tae keep me gonnae. But they ne'er come back
RAPHON: Their adventures, gold seekers. They found something that pays more and forget you
TOMYH: That's understandable. Do you have anything that I can use for now? See I make my own Bow's, but I need something to use in the meantime
DWARF: Weel, it's mah lest product. (He reaches under the counter and pulls out a large bundle wrapped in dark cloth) Thes was left haur a body day, ne'er saw fa drapped it. Wark ay art if Ah say sae myself. Master crafted (He pulls back the cloth to reveal a large rifle, elegantly decorated with golden leaves) Single shot, bolt action lang nose rifle. Ye can add a scope if ye like, comes wi' an ammo container which slots in th' bottom, sae saves time fur reloadin'.
TOMYH: (Picks up the rifle and holds it up, staring down the barrel. He begins loading and unloading the rifle) Good, well balanced, light. I'd have to say accurate to a hair's width and a range of about 900 feet. Impact would most likely go right through mail or less. And penetrate plate armor to Injure
DWARF: Aye, 'at was mah impression. If Ah knew who had made it; Ah woods ask them fur mair. Only clue is th' engravin' in th' bottom ay th' barrel
TOMYH: (Turns the gun over)… So, he is still alive
TOMYH: No one, how much for this?
DWARF: Seein' as its mah lest stock, 500 gold
RAPHON: What! Tomyh there is no way you can afford that
DWARF: Wait … did he caa ye Tomyh?
DWARF: Weel, fur th' hero ay th' Borean, 10 gold
TOMYH: I’ll pay the full price, plus a 500 gold tip, to keep your larder stocked and a mug on your table
DWARF: I can’t accept 'at, Ah can’t tak' yer gold
TOMYH: Fine (Reaching down he grabs two leather bags hanging from his belt and drops them on the counter) I’ll just leave them here. Good day (Leaves)
DWARF: (Stunned)
RAPHON: (Stunned)

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Post  Damxge on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:06 am

Little note about bbcode. Its different than html's tags where you use <> for BB on a forum, you use [] so bold would be [b] and italic would be [i]



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Post  LordTomyh on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:08 am

ah kk ... so use to dA


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Post  Damxge on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:17 am

Aye, its a bit different.
Great story btw, you intend on continuing I assume?


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Post  LordTomyh on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:20 am

Yeah ... I've already done up to ch.2 ... i've done part 1 of Ch.3 and i'm kinda stuck on a starting sentence for part 2 ... but Yes i will be continuing this


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Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair.
The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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Post  Drag on Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:00 am

Cool! I used to play WoW when I was younger. This made me laugh:

RENEGADE: Yeah might as well. Isn't like anything's going to happen to Stormwind anytime soon
TOMYH: You never know
RENEGADE: It's not like a giant black dragon is gonna fall from the sky and land on the place or anything

lol Big Smile

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Post  LordTomyh on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:22 pm

I'm currently on my off time for WoW ... and it just sets the scene fore what happens next


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Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair.
The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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CH. 2 - Uneasy ground

Post  LordTomyh on Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:26 am

Outside in the District, Tomyh and Chomper are walking down the street when he notices, a familiar shadow following him

TOMYH: … Hello, Eianthe. I don’t suppose you have anything for me

The Shadow detaches itself from the wall, a slim High Elf standing poised to strike, twin silver tonfa blades in hand. The Elfin assassin shakes her head and looks up into the face of the taller Night Elf

EIANTHE: How did you see me?
TOMYH: After several years of travelling in her company. I learnt to notice everything and watch everywhere.
EIANTHE: Still, how?
TOMYH: Chomper caught your scent.
EIANTHE: Ah yes, Chomper. (She sheathes one of her blades and reaches into a large leather bag hanging from her back, drawing out a bloody raw leg of beef) Here you go, you hissing handbag.

The Large six legged crockalisk stares evilly at the high elf, a low bone chilling hiss escaping his maw. Several citizens nearby quickly walk off while the paler elf stands unfazed

EIANTHE: Fine you overgrown rock lizard (turns back to Tomyh) Anyway, I heard about a certain elf almost destroying Stormwind again, I'm actually surprised your still here.
TOMYH: They gave us two hours to pack up.
EIANTHE: Right. I also heard that a certain someone was, looking for something ... or someone else, hmm?
TOMYH: Where is she?
EIANTHE: Sunwell, I hate you, always straight to the point. No fun and games.
TOMYH: Where is she?
EIANTHE: Maybe I won't tell you, and then you can go on a wild goose chase and never find her.
TOMYH: She got on a gryphon and flew towards Kalimdore didn't she?
EIANTHE: ... How did you know that?
TOMYH: I guessed and you confirmed it ... any more news? Have you found anything on the matter I asked you?
EIANTHE: No, I looked everywhere, asked everyone I know. I even took an arrow to my knee for this information and found nothing. Face it, either this guy never existed or he died somewhere and was left to rot or thrown in a mass grave.
TOMYH: I find it hard to belive that this man cannot be found. You are the best at what you do, and you find nothing?
EIANTHE: There's no trace of him anywhere. No lead. No signs. Nothing.
TOMYH: (pulls out the recently brought gun, spinning it around in his hand before grasping it firmly, the bottom of the barrel a hands width from the high elf's face) this symbol proves he's out there. Now I'm guessing that this was made in the last month, which means. Maybe, you can use this to find him.
EIANTHE: A gun? You want me to track down a man that No one, not even I can find. By using a couple of scratches in a gun barrel
TOMYH: Did your entire race reject the teachings of nature or just you? This is Lordaeron pine, only found in the northern reaches of this continent. The metal has a golden tinge due to the rare yet costly impurity within the iron; this metal is only found in the rocky hills west of Brill. Maybe you should look there.
EIANTHE: Trisfal Glades! Home of the Forsaken! You expect me to go there! To the home of those Undead Monsters! The creatures that slaughtered my Race! To find this Man for You!
TOMYH: I do not ask you to look for him there. I ask you to find some trace of him, some idea on where he has gone. If you can find that for me, then one, I'll pay you handsomely. And two, I'll find him myself.
EIANTHE: I Will Not Go Anywhere Those Creatures Are! I Am Not Some Mercenary You Can Just Throw Away on A whim!
TOMYH: Eianthe, I don't think of you as a mercenary, I think of you as a friend. I'm just asking for a favor, some help on finding this man. Surely there is something worth a trip to Trisfal.
EIANTHE: … Me and Raphon alone for three days in a place no one will hear him scream.
TOMYH: I'll raise you're three days to a full week and throw in the location of a long lost Night Elf ruin in Duskwood only a few know about.
EIANTHE: usually when people barter there try to lower the price. Deal

The two elves shake, the smaller High elf smiling wickedly, planning what lay ahead for the young human

TOMYH: Of course I will not release him to your care till you brought me what I need.
EIANTHE: WHAT? NO! I'll have him now.
TOMYH: The deal is made and it was you who failed to specify when you want him
EIANTHE: A alnuaning notalol rioming Urfe
TOMYH: If you are going to insult me please say it so I can understand it
EIANTHE: I won't do this. Find this man on your own (Turns around and walks off)
TOMYH: How many of your loved ones did the scourge kill?
EIANTHE: (Freezes)
TOMYH: How much of your family was killed during the destruction of Quel'Thalas?
TOMYH: This man I’ve asked you to find ... he's my brother. In this world there only three remain of my family. My brother, my sister and myself
TOMYH: That's why I asked you to find him. In this world we lose touch with our loved ones, and in that silence we don't know their fate. I asked you because you know the feeling of having a loved one torn from you.
EIANTHE: ... West of Brill, right?
TOMYH: Thank you...
EIANTHE: ... I'm still get Raphon
TOMYH: On my soul and the mighty world tree I swear you will receive that human for seven days and seven nights to wish upon him whatever you will.
EIANTHE: ... Good (As silent as she come, the High elf slips into the shadows and disappears)

Tomyh stands staring at the shadows where she disappeared, silent. beside him Chomper rolls his massive scaly head to stare up at the Elf, producing several growls and hisses

TOMYH: Don't remind me.

Ten minutes later Raphon is walking through the panicked crowds of the Dwarven district, looking for Tomyh. When beneath him the ground began to shake violently. Everyone was thrown to the ground, stalls and carts were overturned, and rubble began to rain down from the buildings. To the west came an ear shattering roar as the ground beneath the park, loosened by Deathwing's assault on the city, gave way and crumbled into the sea below. The night elvin druids took the forms of birds and fled to the winds, taking with them anyone they could pluck from the shattered earth, those not fortunate enough fell screaming to their deaths

MAN 1: What’s happening!
WOMEN 1: It's The End Of The World!
MAN 2: Light protect us!
MAN 3: The Burning Legion Has Come!
WOMEN 2: I Don't Want To Die!
WOMEN 3: Please Light Save me!

As suddenly as it started, the shaking ceased. People slowly climb to their feet; a numb silence had descended over the city.
Then the chaos began.
People trapped under buildings crying out in agony and for aid, people in the open calling for loved ones. Raphon got to his feet and looked around, silent. Several of the buildings are gone, lying strewn over the ground; smoke is beginning to rise from others as fires erupt. A hole appears in the crowds and a looming figure approaches him, a young girl hanging from his arms.

RAPHON: Ren! What?
RENEGADE: No Time, heal her. (Holds out the young girl)
RAPHON: Hold her Still … Fiat lux, et sanabit eam defendere sic erit
YOUNG GIRL: (Opens her eyes) the pain … It’s gone. (Looks up) … Are you an angel?
RENEGADE: (Startled) … Uhm, no. I’m a Death Knight; I usually kill people and steal their souls.
RAPHON: Oh You Do Not!
RENEGADE: Hey I’m just trying to say I’m not a fricken Angel
RAPHON: How could she confuse you for an Angel?
YOUNG GIRL: He saved me. That’s what angels do
RENEGADE: He’s the one who healed you
YOUNG GIRL: You’re the one who brought me to him.
RENEGADE: Ok Look, I’m not an angel, I’m a Death Knight.... but not all Death Knight's are evil. Some are just, mistrusted
RAPHON: Ren, you should find her parents. I'll help others and try finding Tom
TOMYH: No need, we're leaving now. I've got a lead and a ship.
RAPHON: What! No. There are People who need my Help. I can't abandon them
TOMYH: We need to find her fast and this boat I’ve got needs to leave in the next 30 minutes. We need to go
RAPHON: Then I’m staying to help them.
TOMYH: Good plan. And after all the chaos and carnage is over you'll be thrown in the stockades by order of the king.
RAPHON: f*** I forgot about that.
TOMYH: Exactly. Let's go. Ren?
RENEGADE: (Appears out of nowhere) Ready
RAPHON: When did you leave? And where's the girl?
RENEGADE: I gave her to the guy over there
RAPHON: REN! That's the king!
RENEGADE: I Know, Lets go.

In the Stormwind docks it is standing room only. Frightened citizens crowd the ground, trying anything to gain passage on some of the ships not damaged from Deathwing’s assault on the city. The crowd parts as a Crocalisk makes its way through, followed by Tomyh, Raphon and Renegade. People fall silent as they pass, staring in awe and fear

RAPHON: A giant black dragon just landed on their city and an earthquake just hit. Yet they still go as silent as a grave when we pass
RENEGADE: No. Not really, you’ll find more cheer in a graveyard than this lot.
RENEGDE: Yeah, I remember this one party at a crypt in the Plaguelands; I swear all the ladies were checking me out.
RAPHON: Please tell me you’re joking
TOMYH: Unfortunately, he’s not.
RAPHON: And how do you know?
TOMYH: I out-drank everyone there
RENEGADE: He was the only guy with a pulse and he out drank the dead.
TOMYH: How long did that party last again?
RENEGADE: Three days
RAPHON: How the Hell Did You Manage Three Days AND Out-Drink the Dead?
TOMYH: Family secret.
RAPHON: Tom since when is anything not a family secret with you?
TOMYH: Hey, do you tell me all your secrets Raphon?
RAPHON: I'm a paladin. I have no secrets
RENEGADE: We read your journal
RAPHON: I Knew It!
TOMYH: Doesn't matter. We're here
CAPTAIN: Ahoy Elf. Thought you were gonna forget about ol' captain Dawson
TOMYH: Never captain. (Starts talking with the captain)
RAPHON: (Whisper) I Knew You Guys Read This? You Always Do!
RENEGADE: (Whisper) it’s a good laugh. Always brings a smile to my face.
RAPHON: (Whisper) How Would You Like It If I Read Your Journal?
RENEGADE: (Whisper) Go ahead. I already burnt most of it anyway and you can burn the rest, seeing as it has a few things no paladin would like to see.
RAPHON: (Whisper) ... Exactly what do you write in your journal?
RENEGADE: (Whisper) Tell ya later
TOMYH: So we ready to set sail?
CAPTAIN: 'Fraid not. The Last of the refugees are just boarding now and we still got some cargo that needs to be loaded. Problem is, it be behind this here mob
TOMYH: Ok then. Is it that large crate over there? (Points at the crate)
CAPTAIN: Aye that be the one
TOMYH: Very well. Renegade!
TOMYH: I want you to bring that big crate over here and get it on board
RENEGADE: (Looks at the Crate) you want me to grab that and load it onboard
TOMYH: Yes, and quickly. We need to leave before the wave gets here.
RAPHON: ...What wave?
TOMYH: An Earthquake like that would most likely have created a Tsunami. And they are wicked fast. It could be on us at any second. (Looks out to sea) Move it.
RENEGADE: (Turns to the crowd) Ok Then. Move It or Lose It! Incoming Delivery (Death grips the large crate, dragging it towards him) ... Oh, Son of A- (Knocked over by the crate)
TOMYH: (Runs up the gangplank) Ren! Stop messing around.
MAN 1: Wait! Take Me With You!
DWARF 2: I'm getting on That Boat!
WOMEN 1: Please! I Have Children!
MAN 2: Don't Let Me Die Here!
DWARF 2: Light Help Us. Let Us On That Boat!
TOMYH: Oh by the Light of Elune. Everyone! Get Off The Docks! You’re All in Mortal Danger! A Massive Wall Of Water Is Heading Here Right Now! Get To Higher Ground!
RAPHON: Captain! We Need To Let Them On This Boat!
CAPTAIN: No Can Do! We’re Already Full As It Is! They'll Swarm Us! And we’ll All Either Die Crushed or Drowned!
RAPHON: There Has To Be Something We Can Do!
TOMYH: (Stands up on the side of the ship and pulls out his new gun. Aiming at the crowd)
RAPHON: TOMYH! You're Not Shooting Anyone!
TOMYH: Wouldn't Dream About It! (Fires the Gun)

(An explosion rips the air above the crowd, scattering the people. Another one directs them away from the docks, towards the stairs that lead to the higher ground of Stormwind)

RAPHON: ... Did you intentionally do that to scare them to the higher ground?
TOMYH: ... Maybe ... It was either that or let Chomper lose on them
RAPHON: You Know Both of Those Solutions Are Dangerous
TOMYH: Yep. Renegade! Is That Cargo On Board Already?
RENEGADE: Just put it down.
TOMYH: Good. Captain, We Good to Go?
CAPTAIN: Aye! I've Already Given the Order to Set Sail
TOMYH: Good, We need to get out of the harbor before the wave hits
RAPHON: How fast can these things move?
TOMYH: Fast enough to outpace the swiftest elfin ship. I have seen ones that struck the seconds after an earthquake and others that hit days after.
RAPHON: Can you guess when one’s going to hit?
TOMYH: No. The time it takes one to strike land depends on the epicenter of the earthquake that spawned it. And that is near to impossible to pinpoint without study and proper equipment.
What requires proper equipment?
TOMYH: Technical geological study. Best left to the dwarves and like minded individuals
RAPHON: Light pray that wave doesn’t take a single soul
TOMYH: Only Elune can grant that prayer. Let’s hope she’s merciful.

(The clouds now clear of the flame color left by the black dragon open up and begin to pour down heavily)

RAPHON: Now to top it all off it’s raining
TOMYH: Ah shut it you big baby. It’s just a little rain, it won’t kill you
RAPHON: That’s what you said when Aurbedine flooded
RAPHON: Ha! You remember that as well
TOMYH: You mean the time when you crashed the boat and ended up in Westfall?
RAPHON: … I have no idea what you’re talking about
TOMYH: Yes you do, and I know you do. So don’t bother denying it
RAPHON: …Whatever. Where are we going anyway?
TOMYH: Aurbedine
RAPHON: (Cringes) Why?
TOMYH: I told you I had a lead. It just happens to be in Kalimdor, and Aurbedine just happens to be the connecting port between Stormwind and Kalimdore.
RAPHON: Did I ever mention I hate you?
TOMYH: Several times
RENEGADE: … So tell me ‘bout this time in Aurbedine
RAPHON: (Sigh) it all started with Tom saying ‘Let’s go to Aurbedine’ then led onto –

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The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
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Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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I will read this later today.
Look gude Happy


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Post  LordTomyh on Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:12 pm

Just to let everyone know that I m unable to post the next chapter for some time as I need a English to Elfish translation which I can only get from playing World of Warcraft. Which I'm not doing at the moment


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Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair.
The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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Aww Sad

Well, hope you start playing WoW again XD


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Post  LordTomyh on Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:30 pm

Well cause I just remembered that I posted a part of my story on dA with an untranslated phrase I thought' Screw it, i'm posting this as I go' and I'll come back and fix up the translation


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Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair.
The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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Ch. 3 The Urgent Mission

Post  LordTomyh on Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:54 pm

Two months later, off the gloomy shores of Darkshore Tomyh, Renegade and Raphon question what the arrival of the fallen aspect Deathwing will do to Azeroth

RENEGADE: I still don’t get the whole dragon aspect thing. Can you run me through it again?
TOMYH: [Sigh] Fine, Last Time! When Azeroth was created by the Titans they blessed the five greatest and most powerful creatures they could find. Each of the Titans gave part of their power to the leader of one of the five dragon flights. Alexstraza, the red gained power of life and became known as the Dragon queen. Her younger sister the green dragon Ysera was blessed with power over the emerald dream and nature; she fell into an enchanted sleep and became the dreamer. Malygos the blue was given power of magic and became known as the spellweaver. Norzdormu the bronze was giving the power over time and became the timeless one.
RAPHON: And where did Deathwing come into this?
TOMYH: The Fallen Earth-Warder was the fifth aspect, lord of Earth. But he went insane and started calling himself Deathwing. We night elves call him Xaxas, which means 'chaos'
RAPHON: So with him being back, what's that mean for us? Last time he was around was at the end of the second war. I don’t know what exactly happened but several orcs said they saw a large black dragon being chased off by four other dragons.
TOMYH: I heard that story as well, only I heard it from a human that was there.
RAPHON: Who would be stupid enough to be in the Hills of Grim Batol When There's five giant Dragons around?
TOMYH: Rhonin, Varessa and Falstad.
RENEGADE: Of course, crazy mage Rhonin.
TOMYH: With Deathwing back. We should expect to see allot of destruction. He can move the earth as he sees fit, which means the rise and fall of mountains, earthquakes and tsunamis, volcanoes. In short a second sundering.
RENEGADE: Second Sundering? Do I even want to know who caused the first one?
TOMYH: Highborne...
RENEGADE: ... So in other words, Night elves
TOMYH: Magic loving, Homicidal, Prideful Night Elves. Of which the ones who survived the sundering later became the High Elves.
RAPHON: That explains why you dislike them.
TOMYH: I dislike their choices and their addiction to magic. But it is not their fault of their heritage.
RENEGADE: That wasn’t the impression I got when we got into that fight at the Argent tournament.
TOMYH: I was drunk then, and he insulted Elune, The Druids and lady Tyrande.
RENEGADE: I don’t care what he did, that was still a fun fight...
TOMYH: Yeah it was, wasn’t that with –

The crowd of alliance citizens and refuges jump out of the way screaming as a large storm crow lands hard on the deck. The Three heroes jump to their feet as the bird goes sprawling before them, shedding feathers as it shifted into a battered purple haired night elf, breathing hard.

TOMYH: [Bends down to roll the druid over] [DARNASSIAN] Peace brother, you are safe. Tell me what news from Teldrassil
DRUID: [Gasping] ... L-L-Lord S-S-Stor-r-rma-a-arrow-w-w. T-T-T-he-e-e –
TOMYH: Quiet. Catch your breath first druid; I think the message can wait till you’re not gasping like a fish from water.
DRUID: [Takes several deep breaths] the message is urgent my lord, Auberdine has been Destroyed by a tidal surge.
TOMYH: [Freezes]
RENEGADE: Oh f***!

The crowd gathered around the druid all cry out in despair and shock. The news spreads like wild fire aboard the ship, people calling out prays for the souls lost.

DRUID: There is more my lord. Lady Tyrande has summoned you. It is of dire urgency that you come quickly.
TOMYH: [Still in shock] ... yes. Yes of course. I must go, quickly. Can you fly my brother?
DRUID: I am still tired but yes I can fly you there, even if my lungs give out I will get you to the High Priestess.
TOMYH: No, we need every able body to aid in this disaster. Killing yourself to get me to Teldrassil will do no one good, and the High Priestess will agree with me.

Tomyh looks up, over the side of the ship and far into the distance. A looming shadow hangs just over the horizon, just beyond the gloomy rays of light from the storm clouds.

TOMYH: Renegade, carry him. Raphon see if you can help him. Captain! Make For Rut'theran Village!
DRUID: The Wind is against you my lord, it will keep you.
TOMYH: Fine then. Ren, Plan B
RENEGADE: I don’t like the sound of that. What’s plan B?
TOMYH: [Now standing at the edge of the ship, the elf picks up his pet and looks the draenei straight in the eyes] Plan B, We Walk. [With no effort at all Tomyh Summersaults backwards over the rail and off the ship]

Everyone rushes to the side of the ship, sailors calling out ‘MAN OVERBOARD’. Raphon and Renegade, with the startled druid on his back stare over the side of the ship, concern absent from their faces.
Suddenly the elf surfaces, atop his Crockalisk, with a powerful surge from its tail the croc rockets through the water towards the looming shadow, Tomyh riding it as if it were a mount

RAPHON: ... Well that beats walking I guess. How long do you think it will take him to reach Teldrassil like that Ren?
RENEGADE: What do you mean Him? We’re going to
RAPHON: Oh No, No, No, No. I Can’t Swim In Plate Armour and I’m Not Going Anywhere Near the Water of Darkshore Again ... No I’m Staying, Right, Her-RRRRAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

Renegade picked up the paladin and threw him off the side of the boat, with a giant smile of joy splitting his face. The Crowd looked at him as if he were a monster after them, as if he would turn on them next

DRUID: Lord Stormarrow sure does travel with strange companions
RENEGADE: You should see the other two. Now hold on tight, and hold your breath.

With great booming strides the Death Knight ran the width of the ship and dived off the edge, the druid on his back hanging on for dear life. Everyone watches him hit the water, all stunned.

REFUGEE: Who The f*** Were Those Guys?
Darnassus, capital of the night elves perched on the canopy of the great world tree Teldrassil. It is here that the night elf seat of power, the great temple of the moon is found. Inside is Lady Tyrande Whisperwind, head of the priests of Elune and leader of the night elves.
At the ramp leading up to the temple Tomyh stands straining his hair of water

TOMYH: That was refreshing, wasn’t it?
TOMYH: No we didn't. Ren only pulled you under once.
RENEGADE: You do know there's water all around that I can throw you in, right?
RAPHON: You Wouldn't
TOMYH: He would but we don't have time [walks off]
RENEGADE: Killjoy [Walks off]
RAPHON: [Sigh] I have a bad feeling about this
In the temple of the moon, overlooking the statue of Elune Tomyh, Raphon and Renegade are shown to a large feast. At the head sits High Priestess Tyrande and the Arch Druid Malfurion

TOMYH: [Surprised] Lord Malfurion. I had no idea of your return
MALFURION: Yes, I returned just after the fall of Arthas. To finally wed my love
TYRANDE: Our apologies for not extending you an invitation. We did not think of you or your family
TOMYH: No problem priestess. I would have loved to see your wedding.
MALFURION: And our greetings to you, Raphon of Lordaeron and Renegade of the Exodar
RAPHON: Thank you; it is a pleasure to meet you at last. Tomyh has told us much about you
RENEGADE: He never shuts up about it. Always going on how the great and powerful Malfurion Stormrage saved the Night Elves from utter destruction
MALFURION: I am not solely the one responsible for our race. The lord of Stormarrows played a great part in the future of the Kaldorei
TYRANDE: We have always looked to the guidance and wisdom of the Stormarrow Family
TOMYH: No offence priestess, but my family could hardly guide itself. Never mind advice and guide the Kaldorei
TYRANDE: But nonetheless we pulled through -
TOMYH: Sorry if I appear a bit hasty. But I believe you have called me for an important reason. You would not seek me out so urgently otherwise
TYRANDE: Yes. We wouldn’t have
MALFURION: Lord Stormarrow, I –
TOMYH: Please, not with the titles, I dislike them, even if it is mine. As I’ve told you for the last 10,000 years, Tomyh will do.
MALFURION: Very well, Tomyh. I have discovered that the Druids of the scythe have escaped the pocket dimension I exiled them to
TOMYH: With all due respect Arch-druid. This news is not new to me. We have been fighting the worgen for the last thirteen years
MALFURION: Yes, so my love tells me. However I have discovered the location of Alpha Prime and the Scythe of Elune
TOMYH: What! Alpha Prime!
RAPHON: The Scythe of Elune? Wasn’t that the scythe one of your friends discovered in Darkshire Tom?
TOMYH: I thought he was lying, apparently not. Arch-druid, where is Alpha Prime?
MALFURION: In the Eastern Kingdoms, on a small peninsula bordering the great sea
RAPHON: A small peninsula bordering the sea? The only peninsula I know of that matches the description is Gilneas, one of the seven human kingdoms
TYRANDE: Can you tell us about Gilneas Raphon?
RAPHON: It’s an isolated kingdom, completely cut off from the world by the Great Greymane wall at the bottom of Silverpine, and an impassable reef that circles the whole peninsula
TOMYH: I remember visiting this wall with you back before the dark portal reopened.
RAPHON: That’s the one. The king of Gilneas, Genn Greymane built the wall to keep the problems of Lordaeron and the other kingdoms out, as well as keep Gilnean resources and men out of foreign hands
RENEGADE: Sounds like a real piece of work
RAPHON: He was, even left his own people of Ambermill and Pyrewood village out. And most of the people inside the wall agreed with him.
TOMYH: So a king who leaves his own people outside an impassable wall. And Alpha prime is there you say my lord
MALFURION: Yes, Lord Stormarrow. [Ignoring Tomyh’s reaction] I have good reason to believe he’s there
TYRANDE: We have ordered a flotilla to set sail immediately. It is only waiting on a few more people to arrive. You are the last.
TOMYH: What am I to do when I arrive in Gilneas priestess?
TRYANDE: Stop Alpha Prime and his worgen and rescue any and all survivors you can
TOMYH: Understood priestess
RAPHON: Wait. You’re sending a flotilla to Gilneas, to fight this Alpha Prime guy and his worgen, and save as many Gilneans as you can?
MALFURION: That is our intention yes
RAPHON: Then I’m not going sorry. I don’t like the sounds of this Alpha Prime but I am not going to Gilneas.
TOMYH: That’s understandable, and I wouldn’t ask you to come anyway. You’d more likely get hurt.
RAPHON: From What! We’ve dealt with Worgen before
TOMYH: Yes, but not Alpha Prime. Lord Malfurion struggled to banish him to the emerald dream, not fight him off with a pack of half crazed lupin beast’s while protecting innocent humans
RENEGADE: And you’re going to go deal with him, with a ‘flotilla’ of night elves? Whatever that is
TOMYH: Ren, our flotilla is ten times larger than the Stormwind armada.
RENEGADE: Oh. That’s a lot of ships
TOMYH: And every shop in it carries around 100- 300 night elves.
TYRANNDE: As well as SI:7 forces
TOMYH: SI:7? Really?
MALFURION: Yes, King Varian have lent us a large group of them as well as some of the Alliances Forces
TYRANDE: Lord Stormarrow [Ignoring Tomyh’s reaction], Time is off the essence and the flotilla must leave
TOMYH: Right, of course. Can you have someone bring a few staves of wood to the flotilla? My bow was destroyed and I need to carve a new one
TYRANDE: Of course. We can’t send the Lord of the Stormarrows, bringer of a thousand and one arrows into a battleground without his bow and arrows
TOMYH: Thank priestess. Ande'thoras-ethil
RAPHON: Wait! What about finding Rrayne?
TOMYH: [Places a hand on the paladins shoulder] I leave that in your capable hands. Ren, don’t try to kill him
RENEGADE: I’ll try not to
RAPHON: So, where do we go now?
TOMYH: Try Darkshore first, see if there’s anything you can do to help there and find any trace of her. But I’ve gotta go guys. Ande'thoras-ethil
RENEGADE: Ande. Ther- Bye
RAPHON: Bye then
TOMYH: and try not to kill each other. [leaves]
RAPHON: ... come on. Let’s go, see if we can find a boat back to Darkshore
MALFURION: Head to the flight master and tell him I am sending you to Lor’danel. You passed him on your way into the city; he’s now by the portal to Rut’Theran
RENEGADE: I was wondering where he went
RAPHON[/b]: Right, thank you my lord [leaves]
RENGADE: See ya [Leaves]

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Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair.
The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
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Ch. 4 - A Painful Reunion

Post  LordTomyh on Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:22 am

[A month after the departure of the night elvin flotilla, a harsh wind blows across the sun dried northern grasslands of the barrens, kicking up dirt and loose grass. A shadow falls across the ground as Raphon and Renegade tiredly trek across the land. As the two move through the long grass, they fail to notice the faint rustling coming from behind them. Suddenly Raphon stops and lets out a deep sigh]

RAPHON: Ren. I give up
RAPHON: I Give Up! Kalimdore is a big place. It’s as easy as finding an orc in Orgrimmar to disappear on this continent! And that was BEFORE the cataclysm!
RENEGADE: I Don’t Believe This! You Have Fought Your Way Across The Ruins of Draenor! Battled Through Legions of Scourge in Northrend! And now you’re Giving Up? Now! Because You Can’t Find A Death Knight!
RAPHON: This Death Knight! You’re Light Blasted Sister-in-Law! Is Near Impossible To Find Even When We Now Where To Look! We Have Fought through What’s Left of Darkshore! Dodged Horde Attacks In Ashenvale! We Got Chased Out Of Azsarah By Goblins! And now we’re trying to sneak through the Horde Controlled f***ing Barrens [BEAT] Plus! Our Master Hunter and Tracker Is Not! HERE!

[Faint Rustle]

RENEGADE: Yeah, yelling like that will bring every horde patrol in a three mile area down on our heads.

[Faint Rustle]

RAPHON: And Why Would She Even Come Out Here? We're banned from Theramore and that’s The Only Worthwhile Alliance Settlement in This Area!


RAPHON: Let's go back Ren
RENEGADE: We'll find her! (BEAT) No she'll find us.
RAPHON: Exactly. Let's go back and see if there's anything we can do to help the night elves. [Walks off] What was that town they were building in the north of Darkshore? The one to replace Auberdine?
RENEGADE: Lor'danel. They've probably finished building it by -

[A Lion Leaps Out Of the Tall Grass, Roaring Fiercely. Both Are Startled and Renegade Reaches For His Sword. Before Either Can Blink A Large Arrow Is Embedded In The Lion's Skull, Dropping It Instantly]

RAPHON: What The f***!
RENEGADE: What the f***!

[Both Turn Around And See Mounted on an Armoured White Sabre Was a Night Elf, His Long Green Hair blowing In the Wind]

TOMYH: [Distant] the first rule of hunting. Never let your prey know where you are.
TOMYH: [Distant] ... That rule obviously doesn't apply to three quarters of a ton, homicidal idiots in 7 inch thick plate armour
RAPHON: [stunned] ... How the f***, Does He Do That?
RENEGADE: [shocked] I Don't Know.
TOMYH: [distant] come on you two. Let's get a move on before it gets dark.
RENEGADE: ... It was a good shot wasn't it?
RAPHON: Yeah, that was at least 80, 90 feet. Right between the eyes too.
TOMYH: [distant] Ironz! She’s waiting!
RAPHON: Wait! Did He Just Say-
RENEGADE: How The f*** Did He Find Her?

[Two hours later, across the horde border in the ancient forest of ashenvale]

RAPHON: so a massive Scourge force gathering outside the wall, King Genn Greymane asked the court archmage to deal with them?
TOMYH: Arugal was the court archmage at the time so I've been told
RAPHON: So he summons the Worgen, which turned on the Gilneans after they destroyed the scourge. And then the curse began to spread. Which was then countered by some alchemical brew?
TOMYH: A priestess of Elune was in Gilneas helping bring balance to some Worgen. She was working away from the people if Gilneas so all the Worgen they captured we're giving a potion brewed from reagents suggested by the priestess to the king before the attack
RAPHON: And how do you know that exactly?
TOMYH: The priestess told me herself and I also received a similar tale from the king
RAPHON: Right. So then what happened?
TOMYH: The Forsaken fleet invaded during the cataclysm due to the shifting of the land. However this caused the people of Gilneas to move from village to village to escape the rising water. Eventually the night elf and balanced worgen forces we're discovered. All the alchemic Worgen were treated and their balance restored.
RAPHON: So the night Elf army was sent to Gilneas to help the people of Gilneas and the Worgen? But not to Stormwind? This is one. The capital of the alliance. Two, the night elves ally. And three, Had a Giant Insane Black Dragon Land on It!
TOMYH: Lady Tyrande and Lord Malfurion felt that the night elves were responsible for the Worgen and sent them aid. As well as creating a powerful ally and bringing them into the Alliance.
RAPHON: Gilneas left the alliance after the second war. You should have left them to rot!
TOMYH: Do say that as a former citizen of Lordaeron who lost some of its survivors at the Greymane wall. Or as a citizen of Stormwind who didn't have Gilnean help in reclaiming their land.
RENEGADE: You know in the over 2,000 years I've lived I have never found a race more likely to abandon, betray and wage war with each other than the human race.
RAPHON: The Orcs Are More Barbaric Than -
RENEGADE: The Orcs were influenced by demon blood. As far as I know, Humans haven't been.
TOMYH: Well in the over 10,000 years I've lived I haven't met any race that could come close to the deeds of the Highborne.
RAPHON: Wait! You're How Old?
TOMYH: ... To the exact day I'm 15,617 years, 4 months and 17 days old
RENEGADE: [whistle]
RAPHON: ... Holy. Crap
TOMYH: Yeah, I've lived that long and I still haven't learnt any common sense. Anyway we're here.

[The three enter a large clearing to find a young chestnut haired human sitting next to a camp fire. Hearing their arrival the young woman looks up and smiles smugly as she recognizes who it is]

LYNDAHA: So the mighty hunter returns, he who slew many forsaken returns with a great catch of, nothing.
TOMYH: [Snaps his Fingers]
IRONZ: [Stumbles into camp, covered in Lion corpses]
CASEY: [Steps out from behind a tree with a bucket of water] that’s normal for him Lyn
RAPHON: Casey!
RENEGADE: Hey Mage. Got your degree in arcaneolodgy yet?
CASEY: Yep. I'm a fully fledged mage now Ren. [Hugs Raphon] Good to see you both again. (BEAT) Raphon I see you cut your hair
RAPHON: ... Not quite cut it.
CASEY: ... Ren set it on fire again?
RAPHON: Tomyh.
TOMYH: [chuckles as he leads the night sabre to the edge of the glade and watches it disappear into the forest]
RAPHON: What are you doing out here anyway?
CASEY: Well, I heard about what happened at Stormwind, and figured since Deathwing flew in. Then there was an explosion and Deathwing flew away. Tomyh had something to do with it and she didn't.
RENEGADE: Yeah we don't know where she went
CASEY: And I couldn't track her cause of all the anti-magic enchantments me and her carved into her armour so I teleported to Tom and found myself aboard a night elf ship in a storm.
RAPHON: You ended up aboard the elf flotilla? When did you hear about Deathwing's descent on Stormwind?
CASEY: Bout three weeks later, the day after I got my degree in arcaneolodgy.
RENEGADE: So bout the time we were heading to Darkshore, right Raphon.
RAPHON: Yeah I'd say bout the time we landed in Lor'danel
TOMYH: [says a night elf prayer under his breath]
RAPHON: So you went with Tom to Gilneas?
CASEY: Well Why Wouldn't I? My family's from Gilneas.
RAPHON: Wait What!
RENEGADE: Oh this is going to be good
CASEY: ... I was born and raised in Gilneas, but left to study in Dalaran.
LYNDAHA: You were kicked out when you told your parents you wanted to learn magic, being a mage wasn't exactly a favorite profession
CASEY: Then they closed the wall and I had no way to get back.
RAPHON: You don't seem like someone from Gilneas. My dad always told me they were vain people, believed in their superiority over the other nations and refused to place Gilnean resources in the hands of others
LYNDAHA: [low growling]
CASEY: The people of Gilneas are a proud people, and all the other nations. Especially Alterac, Lordaeron and Storm are idiots.
CASEY: But Gilneas wasn't destroyed by its mad prince with a runesword
RAPHON: Arthas Was a Great Man!
CASEY: Arthas was a proud man who felt that the destruction of his people at the hand of the scourge was his personal fault and slowly slipped into insanity. He tried to protect his people but in the end killed the people of Stratholme instead of trying to cure them.
TOMYH: Enough with the nation’s dispute. How bout introductions?
RENEGADE: Nah, I was enjoying them fight. I was waiting for them to draw blood. NOT YOU IRONZ!
TOMYH: Ironz! Down! Raphon! Stormwind is a great and powerful nation and Lordaeron was an even greater one.
TOMYH: But both were ruled by old idiots who lost their lands to invading armies due to their own arrogance and belief in the safety of their defences.
TOMYH: And yes Gilneas did lose its lands to an invading army and their king is a stubborn old idiot.
LYNDAHA: Watch It Elf
TOMYH: And the current leader of Stormwind is a warrior who has refuses to accept the fact that the Orcs and the Horde are anything but bloodthirsty monsters bent on the destruction of Azeroth
RAPHON: King Varian is a great man and a great leader. I'd like to see you try holding together an alliance and nation with all the problems he's had to face.
TOMYH: I can think of several good reasons for me not to command. Now enough of this dispute or I'll let Ironz loose with the broadswords again.
RAPHON: [whimper] ... meep
CASEY: [shudders]
TOMYH: Good. Now. Raphon, Renegade. This is Lyndaha Hammerrain of Gilneas. Lyn, this is Raphon Lightsmith, formally of Lordaeron. And 'Renegade', formally of the flying elekk turd, the Exodar
LYNDAHA: Ah yeah. Elf here told me about the flying ship that crashed.
RENEGADE: Did you go telling people my jokes again?
TOMYH: Well I had to explain 15 - 20 years worth of events on a crowded boat in the middle of a storm to a bunch of stubborn aristocratic Gilnean civilians and Worgen.
RAPHON: You know for someone who is part of a race not seen in over ten thousand years, and has had only nine years to explore the world. It still surprises me just how much you know.
TOMYH: I have a thirst for knowledge. I'm like the elvin Brann Bronzebeard.
RENEGADE: Only he blows things up in the name of archaeology and discovery. You blow things up for fun.
TOMYH: Yeah pretty much.
LYNDAHA: So How'd did you crash a flying ship? Did the mountain jump in front of you or something?
TOMYH: Blood elves sabotaged the internal components, causing the ship to drop out of warp travel and land on the nearest inhabited world.
LYNDAHA: ... What did he just say?
RAPHON: Blood elves messed with a highly tuned engine that caused the ship to crash
RENEGADE: That! And that idiot was driving.
TOMYH: Oh yeah. Forgot that.
LYNDAHA: Seydon couldn't stop laughing for a week when he heard about that flying ship.
RAPHON: I'm probably going to regret this but. Who's Seydon?

[A large worgen lands in between Raphon and renegade, causing both to jump to their feet and draw their weapons]

TOMYH: That's Seydon
SEYDON: Someone call on the Big Bad Wolf?
RENEGADE: Let me guess, A Gilnean Worgen?
RAPHON: Are there anymore Worgen waiting to scare us?
RENEGADE: [looks around] So how did you find my homicidal brother?
CASEY: [cooking one of the lions] They found us just west of Astraanar.
RENEGADE: Wait. They? She's here?
TOMYH: Of course
RAPHON: Where?

[A draenei falls from the tree and lands on all fours in the middle of the group. Spinning on her hand she delivers a powerful kick to Raphon's chest, sending the paladin flying]

TOMYH: [Looks at where Raphon disappeared then gestures to the draenei] There
RENEGADE: [chuckling] Show off
CASEY: [sigh] I'll go get him [blink]
LYNDAHA: She's better than you claimed elf
TOMYH: Wait till you see the rest [sits down]
SEYDON: I Like Her
RENEGADE: [hugs the other draenei] Next time Rrayne. Please tell us when you're going to take off like that.
RRAYNE: [Wait's for Ren to stop hugging her, then back hands the larger death knight]
RENEGADE: OW! Yeah, Good to see you too. [Sits down]
TOMYH: Now. The important thing now is. Where to now. Deathwing has returned and the world is broken. So where do we -

[Rrayne leans over and shoved a piece of cooked lion meat into the night elf's mouth]

RENEGADE: She said just shut up and eat.
TOMYH: [swallows] Ok then [pulls out a wineskin] Cheer's then.
LYNDAHA: [laughing as she grabs a leg of lion]
SEYDON: [wolfing down a uncooked lion]
IRONZ: [trying to outeat Seydon]
RRAYNE: [rolls her eyes]
TOMYH: [laughing]
RENEGADE: [laughing]



[An armoured figure treks through a windswept frozen wasteland. No puffs of mist escape her helmet as she climbs the ice covered stair. She stops before a shadowed man sitting upon a throne of bloodied skulls]

DEATH KNIGHT: My lord! They have returned from the eastern lands. They've been seen in the southern forest of Ashenvale
SHADOWED MAN: [silence]
DEATH KNIGHT: My lord? Is this no good news? Have I failed you?
SHADOWED MAN: ... The time is not right (BEAT) Return when it is
DEATH KNIGHT: My Lord We Must Act Now before He Disappears Again! My Lord Let Me Find Him, And I'll Bring His Head to Kiss your -

[The shadowed man lunged forward, grasping the death knight by the throat and lifting her, a foot off the ground]

DEATH KNIGHT: My Lord! I! I! I Didn't Mean To Question Your Judgement! I Only Wished To Please You My Lord! My Lord!
SHADOWED MAN: None Shall Lay A Hand Upon This Man Save Me! (BEAT) Your Arrogance and desire to please me has annoyed me
SHADOWED MAN: Go into the Wastes and bring me a prize worth your life. [Throws the death knight down the stairs] Go!

[The death knight ran off, shaking with fear. The shadowed man sinks back into his throne as the wind howls through the land. The only sound to be heard]

SHADOWED MAN: ... Soon the time will come. And the dead shall rise again. [Holds up a small carving of an elf, his long hair blown back to reveal a determined face] And you shall help me herald it. Tomyh Stormarrow.


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The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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Post  Damxge on Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:32 am

I love the way its written! I read stories formatted like this constantly on dA, and most of them suck, but you've actually done very well with this Happy

Keep it up! :arg:


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Post  Legotransform on Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:37 pm

jolly good show chap :hat: (any reason to use SMILEYS!!!)

Problems do have solutions, you know
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Ch. 5 - New rules

Post  LordTomyh on Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:40 am

[The next day Tomyh, Raphon and Casey are trekking through the barrens, heading south east to the Northwatch hold on the continents eastern coast]

RAPHON: Tell me again, why we’re heading to Northwatch ahead of the others?
TOMYH: Cause we’re banned from Ratchet if Ren’s with us. Were banned from Northwatch if Ironz is with us and Jaina said If Me, Ren and Ironz were ever in the same city again after we’ve been drinking, she was going to port us all to the moon.
RAPHON: So why are we going to Northwatch again?
TOMYH: To get a message to Jania and see if there’s anything we can do.
RAPHON: And why are we the ones going?
TOMYH: Because Casey’s a mage like Jania, You’re a paladin and I’m the only one Rrayne trusts more then she can throw me.
RAPHON: You almost blew up Theramore last time
TOMYH: As I explained to Jania, it was either that or let that cultist get away with the plans for Theramore’s defenses
RAPHON: You got your damn spider to jump on him and hug him to death.
TOMYH: Well no one could reach him halfway up a wall. And HappyToCU WAS Happy to see him
CASEY: Tom, you have got like the craziest names for your pets ever
TOMYH: Come on, they aren’t that bad
CASEY: HappyToCU. Really?
TOMYH: I was drunk, it was like 3 in the morning and he looked really happy crushing the life out of Raphon
RAPHON: I spent 7 months in intensive care, and that was WITH Priests, Paladins, Druids AND a Shaman healing me
TOMYH: And he’s been with us ever since
CASEY: How come all your troubles seem to start with alcohol?
TOMYH: Most people’s problems start with alcohol
CASEY: Yeah, but most people aren’t you
TOMYH: No. Most people have common sense
RAPHON: [Turns around suddenly, hand on his weapon] I think we’re being followed
TOMYH: You finally noticed, she’s been following us since this morning
LYNDAHA: [Stands Up] Yeah, she. You dumbass of Lordaeron
RAPHON: Who Are You Calling A Dumbass, You Gilnean Bitch!
LYNDAHA: Menethil Fucktard!
RAPHON: Greymane Whore

[Before the paladin and the warrior could insult one another again, Tomyh steps up and bangs their heads together]

TOMYH: Will You Two Stop This Nations Dispute!
RAPHON: Ow, That hurt
LYNDAHA: What was that for?
TOMYH: For being idiots
TOMYH: And I’ll finish it. Raphon, I’ll leave it to you to explain HappyToCU, Spencer and Turon
CASEY: Turon? That’s one I haven’t heard
TOMYH: a Plainstrider from right here
CASEY: A Barrens Plainstrider? Doesn’t seem so scary
TOMYH: It’s one of my pets
CASEY: That’s true
TOMYH: Now if you put a Plainstrider in a group with my other pets, you’ll find it’s not something you want to – [Tomyh suddenly turns around, ready to draw his sword]

[A large shadow jumps out of the bushes besides the road and knocks out the Casey. A larger shadow knocks out Raphon and Lyndaha]

TOMYH: What the Hell!
FIRST SHADOW: Nighty Night Elf [Knocks Tomyh out]
[Tomyh slowly comes to consciousness, groaning. He goes to rub his eyes when he feels something cold and metallic clamped to his wrists. The Night elf sits up immediately to find him in chains]

TOMYH: … Uh-ah, still not the worst thing I’ve woken up to
ORC GUARD: No Talking Alliance Scum!
TOMYH: Alliance Scum? Oi, I’m Tomyh Stormarrow, friend of Cairne Bloodhoof [pulls out a golden pendant tied around his neck] this is an icon of the Frost wolf clan, given to me by Thrall. I’m allowed passage through all horde lands
ORC GUARD: [Reaches in a rips the pendant from Tomyh’s hands] And I don’t Give a Kodo’s Arse Who You Are! All Alliance Sum! Are To Be Captured and Forced Into Intermediate Camps
TOMYH: Under who’s Orders? Send a messenger hawk to Chief Bloodhoof, he’ll explain everything Orc
SHADOW: That Might be a bit hard Elf, seeing as he’s dead
TOMYH: What?
SHADOW: Yeah, he was poisoned, by The Grimtotem matriarch, I forget her name.
TOMYH: How Did That Cow Poison Cairne? Cairne Wouldn’t Have Let Her near Anything She Could Poison
SHADOW: Cairne challenged Garrosh Hellscream to a duel, and she poisoned the orc’s axe, claiming she was blessing it
TOMYH: So does Baine Rule now?
TOMYH: Good. I would hate to see that bitch in charge of the taurens. But tell me, how does an orc as young as you end up in a prison like this? And what’s your name?
SHADOW: I’m Kaggarn, and I punched the Warchief
TOMYH: You Punched Thrall? Why?
KAGGARN: Not Thrall, Garrosh
TOMYH: Garrosh Is Warcheif Now?
KAGGARN: Yeah. Thrall went off to join the Earthen Ring and hold the world together. You know with the cataclysm and all that
TOMYH: Yeah, that sounds like Thrall. And Garrosh the muscle head, Why Him? Why that great brown oaf
ORC GUARD: I Said No Talking Alliance Scum! When the guards come to take you away to the mines, I’ll make sure they beat you to a pulp for that insult to our glorious warcheif.
TOMYH: Ok then, well you’d better get me some leg manacles then, or else 10 ogres and a dragon to guard me Orc
KAGARN: You sound confident in your abilities. I’ve gotten on the bad side of the guards here, and trust me, they’re tough.
TOMYH: The tougher they are, the further they fall. Besides, I’ve got an ace in place
TOMYH: [Smiles warmly]

[In the same prison as Tomyh and the young orc Kaggarn two guards standing laughing as their prisoner bangs on the metal door and yells at them]

GUARD 1: [Snickering] this stupid human’s never going to learn
GUARD 2: That door’s solid iron. There’s no way she’s –


[Both guards look at the sizeable dent in the door, concerned]

GUARD 1: Did She Just-
GUARD 2: No, she couldn’t have
GUARD 1: Do you think she could do it again
GUARD 2: Nah, no way


GUARD 2: … Ok Maybe!

[From the other side of the door comes a blood curdling scream, as if the prisoner’s body was being ripped apart]

GUARD 1: Should we go in there!

[The screaming turns into a primal animalistic roar and the two guards look at each other]

GUARD 2: Be My Guest!


[Both guards throw themselves against the door, hoping to keep in whatever was now on the other side]

GUARD 1: Hey! Did You Recognize The Symbol On Her Tabard!
GUARD 2: [Thinks about it for a few seconds. Then freezes, his face dropping and his green skin going white] OH SHI-

[A hairy claw, covered in a bronze chainmail glove punches through the door, clawing at the air. As the two guards watch it retreats back through the door, leaving the door orc’s shell-shocked]

GUARD 2: We. Are So, Dead

[The door bursts from its hinges, toppling on the two guards. Standing in the doorway is a 6 foot lupine shadow, dressed in bronze chainmail armor]

GUARD 1: Ow, that hurt
GUARD 2: [Whispers in pain and winded] Quiet You Idiot!

[The shadow raises its head and howls, flexing its claws and stretching it’s muscles. Suddenly it takes off down the hallway, running on all fours. Leaving the broken down door and the two guards underneath it]

GUARD 1: I’m just going to stay here for now
GUARD 2: Good plan


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The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
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Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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Post  LordTomyh on Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:00 pm

Just to let everyone know that I'm deleting this thread so I can edit and repost this story.


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Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair.
The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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Post  killer8529 on Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:40 pm

just a random qustion is this on the game world of warcraft

i am a story teller
i am a monster
i am the fire
i am the flame
i sit in the dark
i sit in the night
but every were i walk
i see the naught but death

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Post  LordTomyh on Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:31 pm

Yes. It started as a Machinima but that failed so I'm going to write it as a script to get the basic bones of the story then turn it into a fan-fiction novel


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The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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Post  killer8529 on Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:30 pm

please just take a step to the left so the big massive hammer hanning there wont hit you becuase your standing under it
(WOW stuffed the hole warcraft series for me it dose not deserve to be real)

i am a story teller
i am a monster
i am the fire
i am the flame
i sit in the dark
i sit in the night
but every were i walk
i see the naught but death

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World of Warcraft: warlords of Draenor - Assault on the Dark Portal Ch 1 (V.1)

Post  LordTomyh on Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:17 am

The wind played happily through the summer air, picking at the leaves and flowers as it went. A pile of loose wooden shavings shivered as the breeze danced around it, inciting it to join them in the sky.

Eteryn Stormarrow, night elf adventurer and hero of Azeroth, put down the bar of wood he was carving and closed his eyes as the wind washed over him, playing with his long hair and unkempt beard.

There is danger

Eteryn's eyes opened with a snap, his smile falling.

Dark forces come again. The cycle repeats.

Eteryn was no shaman, but he knew that when the wind spoke you listened. He got to his feet and threw the bar of wood in a bag hanging from his belt as he made his way through the shaded forest to his home in the green pastured hills of Elwynn. As he neared the wood and stone building he heard swearing and a looming dark figure come around the other side of the building.

"Ren," Eteryn said, walking to his friend to check on him. A head taller than the elf and several hands wider Renegade the draenei death knight growled and threw a bar of twisted lumped metal behind him.

"The latest batch of ghost iron somehow mixed with the saronite and clogged up two of the forges. Gonna take me a week to clean them."

"I think we have something bigger to worry about," Eteryn said, his friend just noticing the serious face.

"What's wrong?" Renegade asked, the tendrils growing from his face starting to twitch.

"The wind warned me of dark forces are coming, the cycle repeats," Eteryn answered, turning and heading to the front door. Ren followed. The Death Knight had long since learnt to listen to the elf's sixth sense as he called it. So far it had warned them about Deathwing's attack on Stormwind and the parting of the Pandarian mists, months before heroes of the Alliance made landfall on the lost continent.

The pair entered the house, making straight past the lounge room and the group sitting in front of the cold hearth. One of the group stood up and followed, shooting a 'stay here' to the others as he followed Eteryn and Renegade into the next room.

"What's wrong?" the human asked, sitting down in front of the large paper-covered desk as Eteryn sat behind it; Renegade opting for his favourite spot leaning against the wall besides the human.

"The wind gave me a warning Raphon. Said dark forces are coming again and the cycle repeats," was the elf's reply as he dug through the paper, looking for something. Raphon shot a concerned glance at Renegade before looking back to Eteryn.

"Is it the Legion?"

"The wind didn't say, only that the cycle repeats." Eteryn said as he pulled a large bound book from under the piles of paper and scrolls and opened it to a blank page. "But it's going on the list along with the Scourge."

"The Scourge is destroyed though," Ren said, holding up his hand. "Without Arthas they fell apart and died."

"According to the official story, which we all know isn't true." Raphon said as he grabbed a writing kit from a nearby table and laid it across his lap. "But I agree with Ren it can't be the Scourge. They don't have the strength to muster another attack on the world."

"Which leaves us with the legion," Eteryn agreed, jotting down the winds message in the book. "I think people with good eyes and ears around the world are-"

The hole in the world. The bridge to darkness.

Eteryn froze mid-word, looking up at the others. They both saw his gaze, Ren pushing himself off the wall as Raphon stopped preparing the kit.

"The wind again?" the human asked.

"What did it say?" the draenei followed.

Eteryn licked his lips and repeated the winds message, quickly jotting it down and leaning back in his chair to examine what he wrote.

"The Dark Portal?" he said after several minutes, cocking his head confused. "That thing's been quiet for years, so has Outland."

"Unless the Legion is preparing to inv-"

Raphon suddenly sat bolt-upright in his chair, dropping the writing kit as his face and eyes went white with shock.

"Dark forces come again. The cycle repeats. The hole in the world. The bridge to darkness," he whispered, fear heavy in his words. Eteryn leaned over the table and put his hand on his friends shoulder as Ren knealt down besides the human.

"Raphon, talk. What does this mean?"

"The First War. When the Orcs first invaded Azeroth from the Dark Portal. It is the only time in the history of this world where invaders have poured out from the Portal," The Human said quietly, swaying under the elf's hand.

"Hold on, what about when the Portal re-opened and demons poured out?"

"That was the first time actual demons came through. Before that it was Orcs, Ogres and all manner of creatures from Draenor."

"So what your saying another orc invasion is going to come from Outland?" Ren asked, sounding a little sceptical. Raphon bowed his head and shook it from side to side as if trying to clear something.

"It's the only thing that makes sense. Dark forces come again. The cycle repeats. The hole in the world. To me it sounds like the First War about to begin again."

"Ok look," Eteryn said, patting Raphon's shoulder. "The wind gave us a warning, but we don't know what it means at the moment. We know something bad is about to happen but maybe we have some time this time around."

Eteryn sat back in his chair and picked up another writing kit as Renegade started picking up the ink-stained wreck of the last one; Raphon just sat still in his chair, taking deep breaths.

"I'm going to send a message to some our friends with ears in the Earthen Ring, the Cenarion Circle and the Silver Hand, Blood Knights and Sunwalkers. Maybe they've got something I can't hear. I'm also going to send the winds words to some of the officials in Stormwind. Hopefully they can look into this further."

Just as Eteryn was about to put ink to paper the wind shouted in his ear.

They come! They come again! Blood Preceds them as they march upon us now!

Eteryn froze up, taking a sharp breath, before slowly putting the quill back in the inkwell and turning to face his friends.

"We're out of time so it seems. They're here."


Eteryn, Raphon and Renegade stormed out of the study, past their two friends scrambling out of their way. The trio stormed through the library to the armoury, Eteryn quickly unlocked the thick iron bound door and everyone rushed in.

"What's going on?" blurted out a young blood elf as she and the human women rushed into the armoury after the three, finding them grabbing weapons and armour. "Did you guys get a quest or something?"

"We're going to Stormwind, Eteryn got warnings of an invasion from the Dark Portal and we're going to investigate." Raphon replied as he slid his blue and gold trimmed warhammer from it's bed and leaned it against the table.

The blood elf shared concerned looks with her partner before rushed back through the library, disappearing through the double doors. The human women rushing into the armoury and started grabbing her weapons.

"Invasion by who?" asked the human women, pulling a staff and bag of powders and crystals from it's shelf. "The Legion?"

"No idea Emily, the wind was vague, then screaming they're here they're here," Eteryn replied as he slung his weapons belt over his head before rushing to help Raphon with his armour. "Whoever it is they've been here before. Raphon thinks it could be a repeat of the First War.

Emily froze where she was and turned on the human paladin, fear and shock in her eyes.

"A repeat of the First war?" Emily asked. "How is that even posibly?"

"I don't know, but I got a bad feeling," Raphon said as he slipped on his plated gauntlets and tied them tight. Raphon worked on the knots and straps across the paladins back; Renegade finishing loading himself and storming off, almost knocking down another night elf as he went.

"Why did I get rudely interrupted by Raphon's magic sucking ward barging through the second floor and why is Ren in such a foul mood today?"

"Azeroth may be in danger again brother," Eteryn replied as he finished up on Raphon's back and turned around to grab the humans shoulderpads. The night elf coldly leant against the door and watched his twin and the two humans run around.

"The world is always in trouble Eteryn, why should this be so special?" he asked in a flat coldy voice. Eteryn shot a nasty glare at his twin and finished up on Raphon's armour, stepping back as the Paladin reached for his hammer.

"Either grow a heart or f*** off Dyl! This is serious!"

Eteryn's twin rolled his eyes and pushed off the door, walking away without a word. Raphon shot a rude glare at the elf's back and turned to Eteryn.

"Remind me why we let the psychopathic death knight that tried to kill us a dozen or so times live in the attic?"

"Because I'd rather him live here where I know he is than be out there where I don't know where he is. There's enough spells on the grounds to tell me if he's here or not and keep him here if I need so." Eteryn said, stepping out of the armoury and taking a step to the side so Raphon and Emily could pass by.

"He still gives me the creeps," Emily said, rubbing her arms. "I just don't like the way he glares at everything. So cold, so meticulous, so-"

"Heartless," Eteryn finished for her as he leant in a picked up a large white and gold staff topped with a rounded cross. He passed the staff to Emily and quickly locked the iron-bound doors, pocketing the keys just as quickly.

"Emily can you open a portal to Stormwind?" Eteryn asked the human women, changing the subject as he marched out of the library. Renegade and the blood elf stood waiting on the large dark blue rune embedded in the floor. The death Knight turned as the three came in and threw several bags at them, all caught with each and tied to belts as the five came together on the rune.

"Sure can. I slim-lined the portals too, using the shards from the farm in-"

"Now please," Eteryn said, politely but forcefully. Emily blinked a few times, forgetting what she was doing, before remembering with a guilty smile.

"Uhm sure, one moment."

The mage closed her eyes and held her hands out, whispering under her breath as her fingers began to glow with dancing runes or purple and blue appearing around them. The others stepped behind her and watched as her hands began to glow brighter and brighter. The air in front of them began to waver and bulge, like looking through a distorted lens. Slowly the image began to swirl, until finally the centre caved in, turning the distorted air into a hole through space. A light wind screamed as it was sucked through the portal, however it did not register on the five as they quickly stepped through the portal and disappeared. Emily was the last one through, the portal snapping shut after she had, returning quiet to the house. From the stairs Eteryn's twin watched the whole thing, his cold face unchanged


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The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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World of Warcraft: warlords of Draenor - Assault on the Dark Portal Ch 2 (V.1)

Post  LordTomyh on Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:19 am

Renegade's hoofed feet clicked loudly on the smoothed stone floors as he emerged from the portal, quickly looking around before stepping further into the long narrow room. Half a dozen or so humans and mages of the other races of the Alliance stood or sat dotted around the room, pouring over books and scrolls, peering into bowls of water and mirrors or writing.

The blood elf and Eteryn came through the portal next, the younger elf looking about the room nervously.

"I think Raphon's looking a bit green," Renegade said, smirking at the paladin as he stumbled through the portal and stood hunched over hands on his knees. Eteryn shook his head at the death knight while the blood elf appeared by the human's side, checking if he was ok; Emily stepped through the portal and shook her head at the paladin. With a loud swallow Raphon waved them off and stood up straight, exhaling.

"I hate portal travel," he said, wiping his face. "I don't care if its the fastest way to travel I hate it."

"Oh light, why are you all here dressed like you're ready to kill something?" Larimaine, the cities portal trainer, said as she stormed over the group, holding a writing kit. "Are you guys here for a quest or something? Cause you showing up here like there's a war going on is never good."

"I was warned of an-"

"Invasion from the Dark Portal but some darkness we have seen before?" the trainer asked in irritation, quickly marking the parchment she held. "You're not the first person to say that within the last twenty minutes."

Larimaine turned and walked towards the other end of the room, the group falling in line behind her. "We've been getting reports from mages in the city and from the country, as well as from Dalaran, Ironforge and Darnassus that shamans, druids, and even some priests and paladins are getting warnings of a threat invading Azeroth."

"I had a feeling I wasn't the only one," Eteryn remarked, peeking over the humans shoulder at her parchment. "How many reports so far?"

"At least 100, with more coming in. Spymaster Shaw is meeting with the King and the generals at the moment. They- Oh for lights sake Allyeria! Stop cowering behind Raphon! No one is going to hurt you!" Larimaine snapped at the blood elf hiding behind the paladin. She squeaked and disappeared behind the human, only her staff peeking over his shoulder. Renegade, Emily and Eteryn laughed at the cute display; the mage placing a hand on the young elf's shoulder to try coax her out.

"Larimaine," one of the mages at the scyring bowls called out, waving the portal trainer over. Larimaine sighed and put a hand to her head before heading over.

Eteryn watched her go before turning to his party. "I think we should go to Old town, see what we can get out of the SI:7."

"I don't think the spymaster of Stormwind is just going to hand over information to us Eteryn," Raphon said, following the night elf anyway. "I mean we're just adventurers really."

"We're also heroes of the Alliance, protectors of Azeroth, champions of Outland, destroyer of dragons, liberators of Orgrimmar," Eteryn replied, not turning around as he spoke. "And when the Alliance or the Horde, nether Azeroth, needs us we'll be the first on the front lines ready to serve."

Raphon stared at the night elf and shook his head. However he couldn't help the smile that spread across his face; although he couldn't see it everyone else in the party was smiling as well.

The group crossed the room quickly, arriving at one of the two massive warp-gates at opposite ends of the room. Swirling green energy filled the circular gate as a crackling aura radiated from the stones holding it. Raphon looked at the portal and a green tinge crept into his skin. "Dammit," he muttered as Eteryn stepped into the green wall and disappeared.

"Here," Renegade said behind the paladin, putting his hand on Raphon's back and pushing the human through the portal. Raphon swore as he fell through the portal, Ren burst into laughing while Emily and Allyeria glared at the draenei and quickly followed the Raphon through the portal.

"Every time," Renegade smiled. "I love it."


The Old Town of Stormwind was bustling as its streets were crowded by adventurers, the merchants who had made their trades here and the various officers and member of the SI:7, the Champions hall and the Stormwind command centre.

Eteryn and Renegade watched the crowd from the door of the Pig and Whistle Inn, the elf nursing a mug of ale.

"Remind me again why we're bothering to get rooms here in the city. Our house is down the road at Goldshire," Renegade asked as he inspected one of his swords. Eteryn took a swig of his drink and continued to watch the crowds. "Because I want to be close enough to the SI:7 to respond quickly. It would take an hour to prepare messengers and send them out."

"Right, we're booked in," Raphon said as he stepped between the two, putting a handful of silver and copper pieces in a pouch. "They said we'll get a discount if we don't break anything this time."

"I don't think we're going to be here long enough," Eteryn said flatly, finishing off his drink.

"How bad do you think it is Eteryn?" the paladin asked, taking the elf's mug and putting it on a table inside. "If something has come through the portal we should at least be able to hold it long enough for reinforcements."

"Not with the skeleton crew that's manning the portal," the elf remarked, putting his hand to his face to stroke his beard. "I was there last week to pick up something from Shattrath. The portal was guarded by a dozen or so warriors, mages and priests from the Horde and the Alliance. If an invasion force stormed through the portal they would overwhelm them quickly. They could reach Nethergrade and Deadmaul within an hour."

"They are the best trained and most determined soldiers out there in that hellhole guarding the portal," Raphon said, a little irritation seeping into his voice. "They have to protect the portal and Azeroth from Ogres and demons and-"

Someone started yelling and the crowd parted quickly, allowing the King of Stormwind and several other humans to rush past the inn on horseback, heading to the Stormwind Command complex. Eteryn watched them go before fixing Raphon with a stare. "There was a Nethergrade mage riding with the king, looking scared for his life and sporting a few injuries."

Raphon glanced between the elf and the mounted party, wondering how Eteryn had been able to pick out such details or a man rushing past. The elf simply patted the paladin on the shoulder and took off in a sprint after the mounted party. Renegade and Raphon shared a glance before calling for the girls; Ren took off straight away but Raphon stayed to wait for his ward.

The girls appeared at the doorway, looking around. Emily opened her mouth to ask Raphon a question by he waved her off. "Come on, Eteryn and Ren are probably at the Command centre already."


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Post  LordTomyh on Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:19 am

Raphon, Emily and Allyeria pushed through the crowds all trying to see what was going on inside the large garden-like courtyard. At the front of the crowd stood Eteryn and Renegade, towering over the guards that barred their way.

"What's going on?" Emily asked as she approached the elf, standing on the tips of her feet to try see over the large man glaring her down.

The king, the mage and some of the nobles went into SI:7, then High Sorcerer Andromath showed up and went inside. That's about it so far."

"How long do you think they'll be in there? Allyeria asked, standing back behind Raphon and not bothering to try peer into the courtyard.

"No idea," Eteryn answered. he looked down at the young elf and the two humans. "Why don't you guys go check on the supplies we brought, see if we need anything else and try see what you gossip and chatter you can pick up around the city."

"Sure," Emily said, putting a hand on the Allyeria's shoulder. Raphon shook his head, "I think I'll stay here,"

"But," Allyeria started, looking at her guardian with fearful eyes. Someone put a giant planted hand on her shoulder, making her jump and turn around. Renegade stood over the pale-skinned elf, a smile on his blue face. "Don't worry, I'll go with you guys. I'm bored already as it is."

The dranei's offer calmed Allyeria down as she breathed in relief. Emily shot the death knight a glance before pushing through the crowd again, Allyeria and Renegade following suit. Eteryn and Raphon watched them go before turning back to the guarded opening, Raphon sharing stares with one of the guards while Eteryn peered over their heads.

The crowd started to thin as people decided to return to their trades or grew bored of waiting. By the time the great clock sounded three times only a handful of adventurers were left, even the guards at the entrance having given up and sat on the stone floor with talking with the adventurers.

"Mah money's oan th' Legion," said one of the adventurers, a large dwarvern warrior by the name of Thargo. "They tried tae invade Outland a while back. E'en sent a vanguard ben th' portal."

"I agree," said a gnome mage standing next to him. "The chances of anything on Outland forming a large enough force to invade is low. There simple is not enough life and resources there to create and sustain a large enough force. As well there is-"

"I get it get," said the worgen warlock sitting across from the two, raising his hands defensively "I just daan't fin' the Legion is behind this. true the bastards 're aahhht there, but I just 'ave a feelin' it's summit else."

"Not a lot else it could be," Eteryn said from the side. Everyone glanced at the elf leaning against the wall starring at the SI:7 building.

"Whit dae ye hink it is 'en Eteryn?" Thargo asked, everyone turning around to face the elf, awaiting his answer. He didn't answer straight away, instead he kept sighing and looking down.

"Personally I think it's the Legion. However I agree with James, he said, nodding to the worgen, "It doesn't seem right. I know I'm not a warlock or someone tuned to the ebb and flow of magical, natural and cosmic energy, but something about this doesn't seem like the Legion."

"Well then what else could it-"

The door to the SI:7 building burst open, a group of couriers rushing out. The adventurers jumped to their feet and crowded around the doorway to the SI:7 courtyard, the guards getting there first and holding them back while letting the couriers pass. One lagged behind the others, stopping at the opening while the others rushed off.

"Heroes of-"

"Cut to the important stuff please," Eteryn said. The courier blinked and opened his mouth a few times before finding his voice again.

"Nethergrade Keep has come under attack by a legion of brown-skinned orcs calling themselves the Iron Horde. The defenders were caught by surprise and the overwhealmed, and the keep has fallen."

"By Modimus's Beard," Thargo cursed, sharing a shocked look with James, Raphon and the gnome; Eteryn muttered under his breath and looked to the sky and even the guards shared shocked looks. The courier bowed his head and pushed past the group.

"Blasted orcs!" James roared, his fur bunching up as his ears went flat against his head. "Blood-thirsty, red-eyed, murderin' monsters!"
"James be quiet," Eteryn said, his voice calm but layered with quiet anger. Slowly the elf turned to face the group, his eyes locking on the wolfman. "These orcs don't belong to the Horde, not the one we know. The courier said it himself. Brown Orcs calling themselves the Iron Horde."

"Brown-skin, green-skin, they're aw monsters, they're aw cold-blooded, murderin'-"
"Yet the worgen are not?" Eteryn asked sarcastically, taking a step forwards. James whined and lowered his head, the fire in his eyes dimming.


"We need to get to Nethergrade," Raphon said quickly, cutting off Thargo. The paladin stood deathly still, hand held just below his chin as he stared into space. "Regardless of who these orcs are we need to get there."

"Exactly," Eteryn said, about to walk off before catching himself and slapping his forehead. "And we left the mounts at home. Should of thought of that. The warnings did say the Dark Portal I should have thought of getting there."


The adventurers turned to the voice, Renegade, Emily and Allyeria running up the short flight of stairs with others.

"You guys heard?" Emily asked, concern and shock written across her face.

"Yeah, we're trying to think on how to get to Nethergrade," Raphon said.

"I don't think Nethergrade is the best place to go to at the moment," Renegade said, hands on his swords. "It's crawling with orcs."

"'a baht surwich?" James asked. Eteryn shook his head and put his hand under his chin, mirroring Raphon. "No it's too far. So is the Swamp of Sorrows. We need somewhere close to Nethergrade, like the beach or-"
"Th' beach ay coorse!" someone from the back of the group said, catching everyone's attention. The adventurers parted to allow a short red headed dwarf mage. She stopped at the centre of the crowd and looked up at everyone, "Ah did a toor ay duty doon in Nethergrade jist afair th' portal opened. Whenever ah hud time eh'd heed doon tae th' beach an' fesh. Ah ken 'at place weel."

"Well enough to make a portal there?" Eteryn asked, Raphon turning a little green behind him. The dwarf nodded. "Aye, an' Ah coods open a portal far enaw frae th' keep tae make sure we dornt gie caught up in th' barnie as suin as uir bitts burst th' grin,"

"But close enough to get us into the fight. Perfect."

"Alright!" Renegade yelled over the top. He pointed to a few people in the crowd," you, you and you. You too, go and tell everyone you can find we're opening a portal to the Blasted Lands."

"Also make sure 'at some fowk come an' help keep th' portal gonnae. An' supplies, make sure we've got allot ay it," the dwarf mage said. Everyone around her nodded and started to clear an area around her. The people Ren selected ran off to do what they were ordered while a few others ran off to the Pig and Whistle. The dwarf looked about her and stepped into the SI:7 courtyard, her hands staring to glow. Emily and several other mages stepped in after her to help while others vanished into their teleportation spells. Eteryn, Raphon, Allyeria and Renegade stepped off to the side and started checking their weapons and supplies, everyone else in the crowd doing the same; a few of the adventerures, Thargo and James among them, piled the bags and supplies they already had together.

"You know I didn't hear Varian say we're going to fight this Iron Horde," Ren remarked as he checked his weapons again.

"Varian has to confer with the other leaders of the Alliance, maybe even the Horde, check his supplies and finances as well as the soldiers, support, supply trains and all that. He cannot just rush blindly into a conflict," Eteryn said, counting the arrows in his quiver. "That's why its better that we go in first, hold down the Iron Horde long enough for Stormwind and the Alliance to gather themselves."

"The portals about to open!" Emily yelled. Every one of the adventurers present jumped to attention and quickly organized into a large line. The warriors, paladins, monks and death knights stood up the front, followed by the rogues, hunters, battle druids, shamans and the few mages not working on the portal or elsewhere in the city. The warlocks, priests and the rest of the druids and the shamans brought up the rear. Everyone stood in tense silence, eyes locked forward on the swirling disc of rippling air waiting to break; even Allyeria was watching the portal, ready to rush through and not focussing on the people around her in fear.

Eteryn stood at the front of the Hunter line, bow in hand with an arrow already knocked. In front of him Renegade and Raphon stood equally ready, weapons drawn and grim faces locked forward.

The portal shattered, within the swirling hole in space a desolate red-stained land could be seen. As soon as the portal opened the adventurers started rushing forward, stepping through the hole without hesitation. As the lines in front of Renegade and Raphon surged forward Eteryn leant between the two.

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more," he said, smiling. The other two were likewise smiling.

Their smiles dropped when their turn came. They rushed forward, closing the distance to the portal quickly. Raphon closed his eyes. Suddenly a hand came down on his shoulder, making him jump and open them again. He found himself in a dry, desolate beachhead, red dirt spreading before him to the burnt out hills and mountains as dark clouds brewed overhead, spewing lighting bolts more frequently than normal.

"We're here," Renegade said besides him, scanning the hills and the horizon. before the two the adventurers that had gone before were moving slowly in-land, watching the hills and the sky carefully. A paladin stood besides the portal with a group of others, pointing around and talking with the others.

"Raphon, here please," the paladin called out when he spotted the human. Raphon shot as glance at Renegade before heading over.

"Hammond," Raphon said, saluting the paladin as he approached. The paladin returned the gesture and pointed at the others, "this is Edward, Rorick, Cogsgear and Xiang."

The assorted group nodded or said their greetings. Raphon nodded in reply while quickly studying them. Edward was a tall and burly worgen warrior, clad in the armour and clothes of his home Gilneas. Xiang was like-wise a warrior, a pure white panda dressed in the elaborate and decorative armour of Pandaria

Rorick and Cogsgear stood slightly apart from the others, starring at Raphon with the cold unnerving glare that Death Knights had. The dwarf stood with his arms crossed, his runed greataxe hanging from his back. Cogsgear of statue as his race was, still exerting the air of darkness and icy-cold death that the servants of Acherus had. The twin runesblades almost as big as he likewise added to the dangerous air around him.

"We're deciding on a place to set up camp," Hammond said, "we're all agreed that the right here around the portal is a good place as any. It's far enough from the cliffs to offer some protection from artillery and magic. We've got a good view of the approaching landscape and access to the sea."

"We're just deciding on the layout of the camp, where and what should be done with supplies and the manner of defences," Cogsgear said, turning around to look at the landscape. "We will have to have shamans throw up the walls since there are no trees. They can be-"

"Sorry Cogsgear to interrupt," Hammond said, bowing his head to the gnome before turning to Raphon. "We need people to start working on a few of these things while the others watch our arses. Care to help?"

"Of course," Raphon said, hanging his warhammer from his back. "What do you want me to start on?"


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Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair.
The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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