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Angel-Feather-Keeper's Poetry

Post  Angel-Feather-Keeper on Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:38 am

Be With Me: Song
by ~angel-feather-keeper

I think I love you, You're so divine
You think you're her's, I know you're mine
I tried to hide, You found me here
And when you're with me, there's none to fear
I lost my reason, I lost my mind
I think about you, time and time
again. . .

So tell me something, that I can't see
Tell me something, you want to be
And I'll try to find you within these doors
I can't just say, that you don't matter anymore!
Give me something, that I can't see!
Give me something, that will only. . . belong to. . . me
Belong to me~. . .

When I can't find you, it's hard to sleep
How can she take you, when you're mine to keep?
I know you're with her, I know she's there
I know you don't see it, but it's just. Not. FAIR!
I can't just leave you, after so long!
Why can't you see that it's in my arms that you. . . Belong. . .
Where you belong~. . .

Find me and Break me, I will not fail
I'll change the ending, to this sad, dark tale
And we'll be stronger, than those who look
And I regain that heart of yours she took
And we'll be happy, just wait and see
I'll be with you, and you. . . will be. . . with. . . me
Be with me. . .

The Touch of Floor and Shoe
by ~angel-feather-keeper

She twirled in her dress
the lightest royal blue
She tells him she shall love him
if he should love her too

It seems almost a spell
the way she danced with grace
The touch of floor and shoe
the smile on her face

The whisper of the Orchestra
the tapping of the beat
the movement of her hair
The stepping of her feet

All worked in ways to haunting
that all souls who see
Will ponder for eternity
If the girl was really free

And with the haunting melody
The girl would always hear
If you watched her long enough
The girl would disappear. . .

I Miss. . . Everything
by ~angel-feather-keeper

We were so close
And now we're apart
I want a do over
Take me back to start

You were my best friend
You're drifting away
I want nothing more
Than for you to stay

Don't go any further
Don't make me believe
That this is the end
It simply can't be!

I'm scared of the future
Without you nearby
I've gone to bed, dreaming
That we said our goodbyes. . .

We were close,long ago
And I think through my tears
That though it's been months
It feels like it's years

Since we called one another
And talked senselessly
You're changing, my friend
And I watch restlessly

You're making new friends
You made a new life
Am I in this story?
Or shall I feel strife?

You're growing stronger with battles
You don't need to fight
I don't know what's wrong. . .
. . . I don't know what's right. . .

You say that you're ugly
You say you need more
New skills and new people. . .
. . . Do I matter anymore?

We met upon impact
In the silliest of ways
But you're leaving me here
And my heart now decays

You once were my sister
My Friend, and my boat
But now I'm here all alone
With no way to float

And I'm sinking so quickly
Into this abyss
It's you that I cherish
It's you that I miss

I know that you're busy
But ask, I shall dare
Do you have a moment,
A second to spare?

To laugh with me loudly
About how life sucks?
How we were the ones
Who never had luck

How we loved to sing songs
That no one else knew
We made a house by ourselves
Because there was nothing to do

When we were bored
We tell all these stories
Of all of the times
All the tales and the glories

Of our lives before then
Before we both met
And how we had asked
If the worse was over yet

I'll wait, and see where
This story will go
Does it have a happy ending?
If you could, let me know?

Insufferable Me
by ~angel-feather-keeper

Insufferable me
Inconceivable I
I who had no reason
To run away and cry

Twas it twilight, my dear?
When we look to the other
And we promised on the Moon
That we'd never leave each other

We stayed together through the pain of the storm
We stayed together when the clouds ahead formed
and we kept our mouths shut
Refusing to believe it was truly the end of everything we built

We told each other it was a lie
We would never part
We laid with one another
Our hands would clasp our hearts

We said it was nothing
That everything was okay
and now we know the truth
though the knowledge was delayed

We promised each other our Bodies, our Hearts
But I ran away, and it tears me apart
I left you with nothing
And to this day I regret breaking your heart when you promised me the world

The world you gave to me was broken
But it was the most beautiful thing I had ever beheld in all my days alive
And that is truly priceless. None can buy the feeling you gave me when you looked into my eyes. . .
I regret letting it go
Because I know that I can't ever get it back

Harsh Reality
by ~angel-feather-keeper

I'm not a fragile person
I'm strong and I'm alive
I'm good at what I do
And that's because I strive

And others tell me differently
And others bring me down
I look up at the trees
at the swirling greens and browns

I think that I am strong
but really, I could break
If I face harsh reality
If it's more than I can take

I would lay six feet under
And the people up would speak
"Oh, that girl. How she died?
She simply was too weak."

My life is based on memories
Yes, both the good and bad
I'd really rather smile
I'd rather not be sad

So if you were to ask me
If I really was okay
I'd say that it was fine
In my heart the lies would lay

And without my memories
And without the lies
I'd rather be remembered
and not that which has died

I fear the truth, reality
It's too much truth to take
It's hard to set the real apart
from that we deem as fake

I'll smile till eternity
has judged the time to heal
the hearts that have been broken
To show us what is real

And those who lost the love
And those whose hearts stand broken
Will find the love they seek
Even love that stays unspoken

I'll choose to stand above it
all the hate and all the lies
I'll try to never leave you
I could never say goodbye

For what's real is not determined
by the date our souls will leave
It's based on false reality
And what we all believe

Box Of Memories
by ~angel-feather-keeper

I start to push the memories
Into a small tight box
I clasp it tight and hide it
Shutting it with locks

They told me that I'm ugly
And I say that I don't care
But when they told me this
It was too much to bear

They told me that I'm beautiful
And I said it wasn't true
And even if it was
To believe it, I'd refuse

They told me that I'm mean
But only to those cruel
But it hurt so, all the same
And to cry, I'd be a fool

He told me that he loves me
But how can I believe
That someone like him
Could come to ever love me?

They told me that he hates me
But that I simply can't believe
How can he just hate me
The thought makes it hard to breathe

I started taking out the pain
and lies with razors, knives
I found I was a burden
I thought I had ruined their lives

And so, sensing the hatred
I had aimed strait for myself
I took my box of memories
And hid them on a shelf

And to this day, none have seen
My lovely little box
All that's left is me, alone
And the ticking of the clocks

by ~angel-feather-keeper

If only I knew that your world fell apart
I go back to when you first stole my heart

and take it back quickly, so that you'd stay free
Because you'd be happy without loving me

Though I'd be nothing without you held close
I'd let you go freely, it's you I love most

Before they destroyed you, and let you lay cold
I'd let you go free, as my soul was then sold

Behold, I forget you, but with best of heart
To save you, I'd love you and be torn apart

So that you may smile, so that you may sing
So that you may see what the rising sun brings

My cherished beloved, your smile was mine
For something so bright to belong to a swine

I am undeserving, so perish the day
We met in that summer, just force it away

I cry in the night knowing that you just don't see
You deserve so much more, so much better than me

I miss you, I do, but admit it I won't
If you plan to return to my side, please, just don't

I love you, I miss you, but please stay away
leave me so that you will see the next day

I fear now that soon I must say a farewell
You will stay free as I'm here in your cell

My darling, I love you so much, please don't cry
As I was never quite so good with goodbyes

Forgive me, no, hate me, for I did not know
That someone like you could be brought oh so low

And by one like me, it fills me with strife
I'll give up my love and I'll give up my life

I'll give you a something, a something so sweet
That you'll never again have to stand on your feet

If only I knew that your world fell apart
I go back to when you first stole my heart

and take it back quickly, so that you'd stay free
Because you'd be happy without loving me

My Beloved
by ~angel-feather-keeper

Someone, that night, reached for my heart
I felt all their passion was true
And though overwhelmed, I gasped with a start
I realized that I still love you

But I pushed you away, and fell from the top
Of your heart, it made me feel free
But alas, the ground was far as I drop
I call for one to come save me

Come closer, my darling, and touch here, my heart
It beats so that you just might hear
How sad I must be when we're forced apart
And realize that I hold such fears

But my fears, they are nothing, for you push away
Any doubt that had once seized my mind
This is to those who have heartache this day
Look around, and see who you find!

(The above poem is now published in a Poetry book called, "Stars in out Hearts" that can be found at the library of congress as well as National Libraries in most countries. )

by ~angel-feather-keeper

Insufferable me
Conceivable I
I who had no reason
To run away and cry. . .

Twas it twilight, my dear?
When I broke down to nothing more than myself
Who honestly is less that one such as you deserves
I didn't want to cry
You deserve only the brightest of smiles
from one who can keep them in place
instead of hiding them away. . .

When was it
That I started to lie?
Why did I change myself
So that you would want me as nothing more
than a good friend?
I told you things
that would turn you away
yet for some reason
you stayed by my side. . .

I couldn't push you away anymore
even though you were still there
Because even though I was sure it's what is best for you
I became selfish
and stole you away for myself. . .
It's what you need
It's what you deserve
But you never do
and that alone makes me want to cry with joy
My beloved Matthew. . .

Leave me Alone: Poem
by ~angel-feather-keeper

I'm shaking in my skin
and breathing thicker air
I'm lost without my nothing
But really, I don't care

Why can't it just go away
why can't I just leave
It's getting to the point
I'm not quite sure what I believe

I'm lost, /Come find me I'm alone
It seems I lost my voice
They've taken all the answers
I've lost my only choice

Oh, your so dramatic
twirling your damn hair
just go away, JUST GO AWAY
It's not like I ever cared

I'm losing who I am
I'm losing who I've been
I'm lost, Come find me I'm alone
They won't find me again!

I'm lost in the pain
But damn, it feels so good
They tell me I should stop
But if I could I would

It's addictive, It's a drug
Each burn into my skin
Each cut upon my wrist
and pain anew-ed again, AGAIN

And with each passing memory
and with each passing choice
I burn myself, I cut each wrist
and chose to lose my voice

I'm sitting in the same damn room
and with each passing day
and with each passing burn and cut
I force them all away

I Know Who I Am
by ~angel-feather-keeper

Despicable me
who didn't know
what to believe

Horrible me
Who didn't trust
What she knew was true

Terrified me
Who almost lost herself
In those all around her

If I had known
If I had seen
What they thought I was
I would've thrown away everything
To make who I am
Stand out.

Because Hell,
I know who I am
and I KNOW
Who you want me to be
The thing is
They're two separate people
and I've thrown the other away
To be me
The one that is outcast
The one that is her
and not them.

Speak the truth
by ~angel-feather-keeper

Speak the truth
Even when your heart is racing
And your voice is shaking.

Speak the truth
Even when you know
Nobody will believe you.

Speak the truth
You'll be able to lead the people
That might follow you

Speak the truth!
Because you are fortunate enough
To have a voice.

Speak the truth
There are heroes around us
And when others choose to ignore them

Speak the truth
Because sometimes you're the only one
Who has the strength to speak.


We're here again
Another year, we're sitting in this room
Because someone had the strength to speak up
For those that didn't have their voice
And another year we get to sit and listen
And we're told miracle after miracle
And graced with the presence of those
Who saved lives.


Speak the truth
Even when your heart is racing
And your voice is shaking.
And when you know that others might not believe you
And you know that you may not have the strength to finish your sentence
Because you spoke up
Even when you didn't have to.

My voice is wavering
But my point stands unshaken

Just Me
by ~angel-feather-keeper

Come here child
Come here and see
To be
Whomever I wish to be
Without them
With just me
And no one else
No one
But me
To be free
Of they who stole
Break that which we love. . .
Loved that is
For now that you're with me
And just me
And no one else
There's none other to love. . .
To be loved
Come here child
Come here and see
To be
Whomever I wish to be
For alone
Or with other
Or simply with me
And no one else
No one
But me
Is something to love
Or to have loved that is
For now that you're with me
And just me
And no one else
There's none other to love
None other
To die for
To live for
Come here child
Come here and see
To be
Whomever I wish to be
For now that you're with me
And just me
And no one else
There's none other to love

A Poetic Drabble
by ~angel-feather-keeper

Giving others something to live for
Telling them you love them all the same
They believed you
And for what?
Another day to go by full of pain and lies?
Worth it? I think not.
And so the world goes round
Everything is kept running with
and a slight amount of truth
And we, the conformist population
sit back
unknowingly waiting for the day
When truth is what then makes the world continue on
Yet there is still only lies
Lies we have been told are truth
But who are we
To decide
Everything's real?
We're not fit to judge
What's real
Who are we, the people
To decide that others are the ones who lie
When we are the ones who built our lives based on their lies?
It makes you wonder
Is life worth it?
Is it worth starting another day knowing that someone is going to metaphorically
Close your eyes
go to sleep
and maybe you won't wake up in the morning

by ~angel-feather-keeper

Looking into her eyes
As a silence fills the room
We sit alone with one another
As over me she looms

She smiles at my fear
And looks into my eyes
She doesn't understand really
Why her child cries

She'll look at me and whisper
The Truth of words unspoken
"I'll fix you" she would whisper
But was I ever broken?

Dreaming with You
by ~angel-feather-keeper

Tell me the truth
How does it feel
To live in a world you know was never real?
What was it like
Living in your head
As you lay asleep the whole time in your bed?
A world make-believe
Made by and for you
Only to find that it was never true
We're dancing around
In a room with no door
Never to stop we don't care anymore
A dream with no end
A smile on your face
You then swore that you would never leave this place
The dream carries on
I'm still here with you
I know that you will be here with me too
We stay side by side
Sleeping in bed
With dreams so alike filling up our heads

And that's it ^^ Sorry for posting so much~ You can find more of my poetry on my Deviantart at : Happy

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Re: Angel-Feather-Keeper's Poetry

Post  Damxge on Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:42 am

The song and I...Miss...Everything are my favorites. This poetry is well flowing and slides easily off the tongue (so to say)

Keep it up, I look forward to more ^_^


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Re: Angel-Feather-Keeper's Poetry

Post  ivorymaid on Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:45 am

This is really good Happy
Live In
Live In

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Re: Angel-Feather-Keeper's Poetry

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