The Dragons of Talmh

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The Dragons of Talmh

Post  LordTomyh on Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:26 pm

Long ago the land of Talmh was changed when the races of humans and dwarves discovered the ability to mass produce, transport and consume products and resources using engines and machines run on steam and powered by coal. This industrial revolution soon put these strong and resourceful races above even the majestic elves and powerful orcs. As the humans and dwarves expanded their territories seeking more and more resources the mounting tension between races began to thicken: elves were losing their forests far faster than they could regrow them, and orcs were being captured and forced into slave labour along with other strong races such as trolls and orges.

Things came to a head when the dragons, either to help the mortal races or for their own purposes, began attacking the human and dwarves. The natural might of the dragons, supported b the elves, orcs and other free races, versus the industrial might of the two races were even, matched until one human sorcerer and engineer discovered that he could run a steam engine and his loom factory even faster when he used steam produced from magic.

This secondary revolution saw a change in the war between nature and industry as dragons, elves and other magical races were now being captured as fuel for the machines, allowing for even great development in industry and technology which further cemented the humans and dwarves power and might.

A century later and the humans, dwarves, and any races that allied with them rule most of the isle of Talmh. The elves have retreated to their last three forests and fortified them with powerful spells. The orcs likewise have fled off land to the Fire Mountain Islands where they have fortified, even developing industrial technology based on coal steam and geothermic energy. Dragons are now rare, with most people thinking them extinct. And with the magical creatures now hard to acquire the humans, dwarves and their allies are finding their industry starting to stall unless they find a way to acquire more magic or a new source of energy.

Somehow you all come into contact with a dragon, of any kind, age or attitude towards mortal races. What happens to said dragon is entirly up to you. Dragons are rare, and a valuble scource of magical energy for the indutsrial machines, so worth allot. On the other hand the humans and dwarves and their allies are a threat to the magical races and the natural world of Talmh. How you do this is entirly up to you

Map of Talmh:

Better Labelled Map


First off, all dragons are intelligent, like How to Train Your Dragon intelligent. The dragons mental capabilities and ability to speak are entirely up to you.
@LordTomyh wrote:Earth (black or onyx scales) - Magma or Lava Breath. - I'm thinking the largest, the slowest but the strongest of the dragons that live underground in caves and tunnels it carves. Has excellent night vision, but above ground, their vision is very poor, and they have a hearing system similar to hippo's where they can feel vibrations in their jaws which are passed onto the ears and translated into sound. Earth Dragons prefer their own company and will either go the Personality path of East or West depending on how they feel about whoever is in front of them.

Mountain or volcano (red or ruby scales) - Fire Breath - The second largest of the dragons who live in caves in mountains and hills, preferably volcanic ones, and like to collect riches and shinies. Though not inherently evil they are more aggressive towards humans, some eve attacking for fun or out of spite. But often they are the Smaug's of the dragon world, not always, but most of the time.

Plains (copper or metallic scales) - Storm Breath - One of the large species of dragons living in grassland and savannah's living in packs or around four to six similar to lions, and live in small hills or in caves. Plains dragons are also more akin to oriental dragons in their personality in being kind and helpful to humans, offering wisdom and advice rather than hostilities.

Water (blue or sapphire scales) - Steam Breath - More serpentine, maybe a medium size, like oriental dragons or sea serpents, but still have wings for flight. I'm thinking their behaviour can be similar to sharks but they use their steam breath's to stun or kill prey, and they nest on land on beach caves and sea cliffs. Water dragons, like Plain's dragons, are more likely to help humans

Ice (white or diamond scales) - Ice Breath - One of the smaller species of dragons with the thickest scales and a layer of blubber underneath. They hunt and live individually and are fiercely territorial, attacking anything that comes into their lands. Like the red dragons, they are more hostile to humans and would rather attack them than help or advise them.

Desert (amber of topaz scales) - Sand Breath - One of the smaller species of dragons, and another ambush predator they bury themselves into sand dunes and use their sense of touch to sense vibrations of approaching creatures. They have large internal water tanks that can store enough water for several months, as well as large fat reserves for food. Personality wise they're similar to the forest dragons.

Forest (green or emerald scales) - Acid Breath - Maybe smallest of the dragons due to its home but the quickest, but also perfect ambush predators. Have the ability to change the hue of their scales to blend in with foliage and leaf litter, rendering themselves camouflaged. Maybe could also have venom and have snake-like characteristics. Forest dragons are shy around humans and will either hide or stalk them out of curiosity, but won't attack or help unless the dragon wishes to. A variant of Forest Dragons lives in the screaming Swamps and has a more aquatic appearance with webs claws and more serpentine body.

And don't let your dragon be defined or restricted by what's written here. It's your dragon, so feel free to add or change things around. Think these more like guidelines or a starting point.

The Land:

Talmh is a steampunk fantasy roleplay, for those that didn't read the development thread or the story above. That means 19th and 20th century technology running on steam engines, and Victorian dress and culture, mixed with more traditional fantasy magic, races and dangers. So that means steamships, airships (ballons and dirigibles, maybe early biplanes), revolver pistols and the early machine guns, etc. So have fun. I already have an idea for a few weapons
@LordTomyh wrote:
Terrains (Blue):

  1. Lake Malka and the Malka Floodplains -
  2. Lake -
  3. Lake -
  4. Desert -
  5. The Screaming Marsh - A small expanse of stinking stagnant waters and phosphorus or flammable gases. The swamp gets its name from the screams of explorers, lumberjacks and dragon hunters that entered and never came out. Sometimes on a quiet night, one can still hear their screams of terror and agony echoing through the woods months or even years after the person's disappearance. It is advised to stick to the paths and doesn't cross the towns edge
  6. The Grey Wastes - When humans and dwarves started hunting down dragons for fuel one of the oldest and largest, a giant red called Narfarn the Red Death, gathered many of his race and descended upon the human lands. Although he destroyed many cities and took many lives he was driven to the northern plains near the town of North Drag'mir. There he declared he will never serve the lesser races as fuel and converted his entire body into magic which exploded outwards, forever turning the once fertile plains into a grey desert wasteland where nothing grows; effectively he nuked the place (f*** you lesser races). The wastes have become a hotspot for rampart magical energy, supernatural phenomena like gravity warping, timeways colliding with each other, silent hill fogs and occurrences, and large swarms of undead and ghosts. Basically one giant supernatural desert.
  7. The Frost March Plain -
  8. The End World Tundra -
  9. The Great Dividing Range -
  10. The Fire Mountain Islands – The remnants of an ancient volcano with the inside of the islands once being the magma chamber. Now home to the Free Orc Halls who opposed the humans, dwarves and other oppressive races of the mainland.
  11. The Island of the Great Star – An island that once fell from the heavens, it radiates great magical energy, however any creature that sets foot on the land is said to go mad within seconds.

Human Cities (Purple):

  1. Malkarth - The human capital and the largest city in the region. The population is mostly humans and dwarves, with the next highest group being the orcs used as manual and slave labour; other races have minorities inside the city but they are often confined to the slums. The city is heavily industrialised with the biggest forges, foundries and factories, but it is also the most polluted city. Compared to Earth, Malkarth is akin to London in the 19th century.
  2. Kalak’mir -
  3. Varis’var -
  4. The Grey Fortress - Built on the ruins of North Drag'mir the fortress watches over the Grey Wastes and the supernatural occurrences. The fortress is manned by the Order of the Eclipse and is made up of soldiers unsuited for standard military posting (insubordination, murder, rape, etc) or criminals. Similar to Game of Thrones the Nights Watch and the Wall and Warcraft'ss Nethergrade Keep.
  5. A
  6. Nathal’mar -
  7. Fort Cross -
  8. A
  9. A
  10. A
  11. Roberts Oasis -
  12. Damnation Bay -
  13. Throrthrnt -
  14. Dragons Fall -
  15. Northwatch Hold -
  16. Incursion Point - A small outpost built as preparation to invade the last great Elvin forest and hunt down the last known dragons: the northern forest dragons and the tundra dragons.

Dwarf Cities (Yellow):

  1. Steinnheim –
  2. Vestur Vorour -
  3. Kaupmenn Hofn -
  4. A
  5. A
  6. A
  7. A

Orc Cities (Red):

  1. Ghrulzgrimm -
  2. Zhulzahml -
  3. Taarnah -
  4. Hamrfell -
  5. Arcenlyre -
  6. Thalmilyre -

Elf Cities (Green):

  1. Eldeyn Falore -
  2. Trendalaar -
  3. Fendrlysa -

The Free Cities (Pink):

  1. Pirates Bay - Based upon this song. This is a city of pirates, Vikings and other outlaws and dreds of society. With docks for both ships of the air and sea, it is ruled by the council of the captains, a body of the most successful and feared captains elected by the people. Years ago the bay was home to a large whale that would attack any ships that came after it. The rest comes from the song.
  2. A
  3. Fort Lewis -
  4. A

Other (White):

  1. The City in the Mists - to some a rumour, to others a place of nightmares and horros straight out of the Pit (hell). Effectivly the town is Silent Hill.

So I'm picturing this island to be around the same size as Ireland (which still makes that volcano really big). Now, even having said that, I have no idea how long it would take to travel this land on foot, so using Google Maps and some maths on the lengths of Ireland and Britain (not taking into consideration islands, just the mainlands) I was surprised to find that it takes roughly 111 hours / 4.6 days to walk Ireland and 265 hours / 11 days to walk Britain. I knew they were small, but I wasn't expecting that you could walk them under a week / two weeks.

Anyway, so let's say it takes roughly six days to travel from Fort Cross (the most southern city) to Northwatch Hold (the most northern on the mainland), just to give a rough sense of scale and blah blah blah.

Character Sheet Template
[b]Home Town[/b]:
[b]Clothes and Gear[/b]:

[b]Dragon Name[/b]:
[b]Dragon Age[/b]:
[b]Dragon Appearance[/b]:
[b]Attitude Towards Mortals[/b]:
[b]Dragon Bio[/b]:


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Re: The Dragons of Talmh

Post  LordTomyh on Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:38 am

Name: Emyrs Cliffrunner.

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 19

Home Town: Dragon's Fall

Appearence: Emyrs stands out as his elven heritage is apparent. Elvin tall but with a more human lean build with faint muscles he is quite attractive in the face with a narrowed chin, strong jawline and cheekbones, yet his eyes are narrower than a human with a catlike appearance, and his ears are pointed but not quite as long as true elves. His skin is a smooth light cream, only marred by scars on his lower arms and hands from working the forge, and several on the right side of his head; his eyes again are faintly catlike with a slight diamond pupil and are jewel-like green in colour, and his hair is silky smooth and long, reaching to his upper back, and kept in a braid, loose or tight depending on what he is doing that day.

Clothes and Gear: Emyrs wears a brown tunic which he keeps open at the neck over a pair of leather pants and thick boots with metal caps. He wears thick dwarven leather gloves, mostly when working the forge, and an apron, and around his waist is a simple leather belt with several pouches and containers. Over this he wears a simple cloak with a deep cowl and several pockets sewn into the interior; for colder climes, he dons a thick rams wool cloak.

For weapons, he carries two daggers, one on his belt and one in his shoe, as well as, he carries a blacksmith hammer.

Occupation: Blacksmith Apprentice

Bio: Born of an elven warrior who dishonoured his mother in a raid Emyrs spent his entire life under one disapproving or hostile glance after another and avoiding the names of 'traitor', 'half-blood' and 'forest rat'. His mother apprenticed him to her sister, Celeste Addington, one of the better smiths of Dragons Fall, and one of the few people who looked down on Emyrs. At the age of 13 Emyrs was set upon by a gang of boys his age who attacked him with stones; Emyrs was injured in the fight on the right side of his head and is now deaf in that ear.

Dragon: Earth Dragon

Dragon Name: Sidiania

Dragon Age: 21

Dragon Appearence: Sidiania sits at around 12 metre's long and eight feet high at the shoulder. She has the standard body shape of four legs, a pair of large wings around 16 feet across, a long tail ending in a diamond point, and a large powerful head. She has a pair of tusks that start behind her head and end just past her snout; she has a frill of horns arranged like the frill of a triceratops, with smaller spikes running down her spin and down the sides of her legs. Her scales are a dark matte black, as is the skin underneath, and her eyes are a bright molten orange with a cat-like iris.

Attitude Towards Mortals: If Sidiania comes across a mortal, any mortal, she will become aggresive but not actually have intent to hurt or kill, more threaten and scare till they leave, then she will will quickly leave as well. She doesn't go out of her way to help mortals, but nor would she leave one if they were in danger.

Dragon Bio: [WIP]


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Despite this mask of happiness I drown in dark despair.
The world may be your canvas but what you paint on it beware.
The pen is mightier than the sword. It has no limitations.
Imagination has cursed us all with life.

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Re: The Dragons of Talmh

Post  Damxge on Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:01 am

Really nicely done map. Numbers are really hard to see, though. You may want to change that if you still have it in a format to do so.

Will sign up tomorrow.


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Re: The Dragons of Talmh

Post  cyclonecasey on Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:42 pm

6 months later... Laugh

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Re: The Dragons of Talmh

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