Modern people time-travel to prehistory accidently (Survival Roleplay)

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Modern people time-travel to prehistory accidently (Survival Roleplay)

Post  LordTomyh on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:37 am

Conor and Mike you've both shown interest in making survival based RP's right? And Conor you had interest in the Caveman Pokemon RP?

an idea for a story I've had for a while is a group of students randomly end up several thousands of years in the past, and have to survive in a strange and hostile enviroment in a 'caveman' like fashion. Would this be interesting for an rp?

Now I would like to set this roleplay more closer to now rather than dinosaurs (despite how cool they are), because I've always set the idea in South America just after the Great American Interchange (in which the two seperate contintes of North and South America collided and became one and there was an interchange of animals and later humans) because I always pictured the students dealing with large hippo-like Toxodon's, the Phorusrhacidae or Terror Birds (carniverous emu's or ostrirches basically) and the Smilodon or Sabre Tooth Tiger. But of course I am open to any time period and any continent location.

Also, when I find it, I have an encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals (don't ask, I like that stuff ok), which I intend to give my character and use in the RP.


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Re: Modern people time-travel to prehistory accidently (Survival Roleplay)

Post  cyclonecasey on Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:39 pm

I'd be down for that

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