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Resonance vs. Sleep - Voting

Post  Damxge on Thu May 19, 2016 4:04 am

Just vote for the story you liked the most and the winner will be crowned in one week!

I walked down the street, drawing odd looks for the longsword strapped to my hip. Looking around the modern city I had forgotten that carrying a sword was not the norm anymore. ‘Such a shame really’ I thought as I looked down at my weapon, the edges on the hilt chipped and worn from use. I couldn’t imagine himself now without the blade at my side.
If I was drawing weird looks for my sword and armour, despite the modern clothes I wore, I could only imagine what looks my team would have drawn, not use to the modern world.
Looking up I came to a halt as I found my path blocked by a man, taller than I by a few inches and with a strange appearance. I took a step back from the man and sized him up, before settling on his statue-like face and shrugged; I had seen weirder.
“Can I help you?” I asked slowly, still getting used to using the modern English again. The man looked me up and down and said “You are not part of this world. You feel, wrong.”
“Wrong?” I asked, my hand sliding to my weapon hilt.
“You carry a darkness in your heart, a hatred for someone. But you’re light is too much, it has tipped the balance of this world.”
“And that means what?” I asked warily, not trusting his words.
“Balance must be preserved. You must be removed.”
“Removed as in?”
“You must die.”
“Oh,” I said, nodding slowly. ‘So that’s how it was going to be’. I look the stature man square in the eyes and bowed my head.
Drawing my sword I swiped at the man, just nicking his shoulder. I didn’t intend to injure, rather I used his distraction to turn and bolt down the street, following the wave of civilians fleeing.
“You cannot flee from me Resonance. I am Sleep, the Incarnation of Balance.”
I stop in my tracks and turned around, sheathing my sword. “I’m not running. Just giving an area worth a member of Blue Team.”

I stared across the empty street at the strange statue man, my arms crossed over my chest. The wind picked up and howled through the deserted city, blowing newspapers and other discard items around.
As the wind died the man raised his hands and punched forward, a fireball the size of a watermelon erupting from his hand. I uncrossed my arms, removing my gloves in the same motion, and raised my right, clicking my fingers as the fireball got within a metre of me. A pressure wave erupted from my fingers, blowing out the fire but dissipating before it could reach Sleep. He threw a few more fireballs my way but I blew them out with my soundwaves.
Taking the offensive I ran forwards, dodging the rocks Sleep started to throw at me, and when I was within a few metres of him began clicking my fingers on both hands rapidly, creating soundwave after soundwave.
The road immediately in front of me cracked and tore open as the top few layers were carried away by the blasts. Sleep was knocked back a step and crossed his arms in front of him to try and brace himself from the pressure and the debris. Pausing in my attack I stood up and raised both my arms so they hung up and out like my sides. Sleep lowered his arms, and I went to bring mine together in front of me when something wrapped around my wrists, holding me back. I looked to my side and found the road itself had risen up like tendrils and grabbed me. I looked between the two rocky holdings then to Sleep and sighed. Clicking my fingers on both hands I quickly curled my hands into fists, sending the shockwaves down my arms into the concrete, tarmac and rock, shattering them. Lowering my arms I glanced to Sleep then swung my shaking arms over my head and brought them down on the road in front of me. The ground around me shattered in a spiderweb, pieces of road and rock rising while others sinking; a funnel of destruction ripped before me knocking Sleep into the air in a shower of rock and dirt.
As the statue man crashed to the ground I raised my hands again, flexing my fingers as I waited. Sleep climbed to his knees and looked up, and I brought my hands together, emitting a thunderous shock wave that carved a deep gouge into the earth, collecting the destroyed road and rock some as big as beach balls and carrying them along with the wave. Sleep didn’t rise from his kneeling position, nor did he jump aside of dodge the shockwave thundering towards him. Instead, he raised his hands, and what road or earth that had not been broken and swallowed by the shock wave rose up in a curved ramp, bouncing the shockwave and its debris into the air and back at me.
I was blown backwards by my own attack, clicking my fingers as I flew to lessen the effects of the larger shock wave and to destroy the larger rocks and debris.
I landed on my feet and slid, burning off the bottom of my shoes before I came to a stop. My body was starting to bruise, my clothes cut with some scratches and cuts starting to bleed. Looking up across the destroyed street I saw Sleep on his feet with his hands raised, a fireball in one and a series or rocks orbiting a large piece of concrete in the other.
I stood to my full height, wiping some blood and dirt from my mouth. Locking eyes on my opponent I placed my hand on the hilt of my weapon and drew the blade free of its housing.
Sleep made the first move. He threw the rocks first, then followed with the fireball before conjuring more. I sidestepped the rocks and began to charge, slicing through his fireballs as he threw them. As I closed the gap Sleep changed tactics and started weaving strong currents of the wind at me, followed by thin air blades. I clicked my finger and placed my hand to my blade, the vibrations passing through the metal and making it resonate. I shifted the weapon to my other hand and cut through the winds he threw, quickly closing the gap despite everything he threw.
As I got within a few metres he returned to using the earth, raising the ruined road in spikes and barriers trying to get at me. I sidestepped and dodged around them, getting close enough to start taking swings at the stone man. Most of my attacks bounced off or he dodged, but a few cut into the stone-like skin.
Spinning around another earth spike I clicked my fingers and again pressed my hand to the blade, and finishing the spin I stood behind my opponent, his back exposed. He raised his hands to move the earth to stop me, but he was too slow. I plunged my sword into his heart, the vibrations rippling through the blade making a large hole before blowing out his front in a shockwave of blood and tissue.
I drew my sword back and held it at my side, ready to use again as I watched him. Sleep stayed on his feet for several seconds before finally collapsing to his knees then falling on his face, strange blood pooling around his fallen form.
Letting out my breath I walked over to his corpse and knelt down beside it. Placing my hand on his shoulder I whispered a quick prayer before rising and turning away.
I could hear the sirens in the distance, and with one last look at my fallen opponent I took off running, not wanting to be around when the police came.

A soft rain fell as I approached the old warehouse in the docks district. I had no idea what this shithole city was even called, but it stunk of sin, human suffering saturating the air. Skyscrapers reached into the sky behind me, forming a dismal gray concrete backdrop to what was sure to be a grand battle. It fit well with the suffocating depression that permeated the very ground on which this place was built. Homeless men and women dodged away as I passed darkened alleys, despite being lowly humans, they could sense something was about to happen, something they should probably get away from.

"What a noble abode for a knight," I laughed as I approached the area the energy was emanating from. I could feel others there as well, powerful magic users. I shook the water from my hair, clenching my fists as I continued, coming to the main doorway guarded by two men armed with blades of the medieval era.

"Halt!" Bellowed one, a larger man wearing a dark hoodie and jeans, a black beard poking from the shade under his raised hood. He and his cohort tightened their grips on their blades, but kept them sheathed.

"What business have you here?" Asked the other guard, this one skinnier than the other, though dressed identically and with a similar beard. His eyes glinting dangerously beneath his hood, lightning streaking across the tumultuous skies, the crash of thunder following almost instantly, the misting rain thickening to a downpour.

"I'm here to kill the man who calls himself Resonance," I said bluntly. The slithering sound of metal on leather filling my ears as they drew their blades, simple shortswords that shone in the low light, droplets of water adorning the razor sharp blades.

"You'll do no such thing, nave!" Bellowed the heavier set man, taking a step toward me, slashing his blade downward toward my shoulder. With a snarl, I reached up and gripped the blade, stopping the swing in midair, the man's shocked expression clearly visible as another bolt of lightning streaked overhead.

"You are not worthy to stand against me," I hissed, bringing my other hand up in a streak of silver, jamming the tips of my fingers through the bottom of his jaw and into his brain, his eyes rolling back in his head as the life faded from him. His friend jumped away with a cry of fear, his free hand going to his side, his palm facing toward me, his sword held out before him, as if it would stop me should I attack him. In his hand formed a fireball, flickering to life, struggling to survive in the downpour of rain, "After seeing that, you'd challenge me as well?" I asked, yanking the sword from the dead man's grip and tossing his body aside. I turned to face my new opponent, his fireball slowly growing in size.

With a flick, I tossed the sword into the air, catching it by the hilt in my right hand. It was now that he decided to attack, hurling the fireball at me as if throwing a ball. The swirling lump of fire expanded tenfold, coming to about the size of a large dog before it reached me, passing over me like a soft breeze, leaving me completely unharmed, but scorching the blade I held in my hand. With a smirk, I drew in a deep breath. The man realized what was about to happen and turned to run into the warehouse, just opening the door when I unleashed a torrent of blue flame accompanied by an unearthly howl, the fire completely obliterating the fleeing enemy and sending the doors rocketing inward, knocking them off of their hinges and causing them to fall to the floor, charred and on fire. The blast of fire extended through almost half of the warehouse, sending the occupants fleeing in different directions, screams and shouts filling the air as they tried to prepare for whatever was attacking.

Finally, I cut off the flamethrower, clamping my mouth shut, ending the howl and stream of fire, leaving the smoldering remains of the doorway and the red hot concrete before me, several charred bodies laying off to the sides where they dove in an attempt to avoid the fire. Without hesitating, I stepped through the doorway, my metal boots sizzling on the glowing floor, leaving imprints in the melting concrete. I spun the sword casually in my grip as I walked, watching as the several dozen occupants stared in shocked horror at me, their weapons at the ready.

"Give me Resonance and you can all leave," I said, my voice booming out, causing several people to jump, and rattling the windows high above us. Besides the limited light coming from these foggy windows, the warehouse interior was dark, the candles placed around had been blown out by the rush of air from the flame breath, and most of the light came from the hot cement on which I stood, filling the air with a soft orange glow. Further in the warehouse was a loft on which an office was built, a candle still alight in it's single window, the corrugated steel that made up the walls thick with rust, several holes allowing limited view to the inside.

"You'll not take our master!" Shouted a nearby woman, garbed in a long red dress, her hair a deep scarlet to match, yellow flames flickering in her palms. She moved toward me slowly, the flames growing in size, enveloping her pale hands and licking at her sleeves.

"No!" Bellowed a new voice, from high above. I glanced up to find the man I sought standing at the door to the office, wearing some metal boots and armed with a longsword sheathed on his back. Besides these, he had clearly adapted tot he modern ages well, wearing mostly present day clothing, "Who are you to attack my people?"

"I am Sleep," I responded matter-of-fact.

"That's a weird name," He responded, clearly a jab at me, as he descended the grate metal stairs to the warehouse floor, his people moving out of his way as he walked, the metal boots clanging loudly with each step. A bolt of lightning lit the warehouse momentarily, blinding everyone inside. Eventually, he stopped, ten or eleven yards in front of me, in the middle of the warehouse, turning dramatically to face me.

"You're Resonance, I take it?" I asked, "The self proclaimed knight?"

"I am," He responded, "And who do you claim to be, Sleep?" He narrowed his eyes, looking me up and down, blood still dripping from my left claw, a scorched blade in my right.

"I am Sir Alexander Henry, Knight to the dead Lord Richard V of Samanath, wielder of the dragon's claws, and physical incarnation of the element of Balance," I responded, bowing deeply as Resonance snorted.

"Here I thought I was the only true knight alive these days," He laughed dryly, ignoring my bow.

"Claiming such an honorable title after disgracing your kingdom is shameful," I said sharply, watching as his neutral expression turn to a glare.

"What do you know of my disgrace?" He spat, a look of disgust settling over his face.

"I know you were outcast and stripped of rank by your superiors thanks to your affiliation with the dark arts," I said, walking slowly toward him, dragging the tip of the blade I clutched in my right hand along the ground, sending sparks skittering across the cooling concrete.

"Did you just come here to insult me before I kill you?" He asked, shaking his head.

"I came here to balance the world. You've grown to a level of power that I can no longer ignore, despite my sister's reassurance that you are neutral," I explained, still stalking toward him, "It takes only one stroke, one man, to tip the balance in the favor of light or dark, and I sense far too much light in you,"

"You claim to be the god of death?" Came the voice of the woman garbed in crimson.

"I am the Incarnation of Balance, my dear," I said, stopping in my tracks to turn and look at her, "I balance the world, should good overtake evil, or evil overtake good," I was about to continue when a loud pop sent me staggering, taken entirely by surprise. As I turned to face Resonance, I realized that it was he who caused the miniature explosion as he did it again, and again, snapping his fingers, blasts of sound buffeting me and pushing me back, out the door of the warehouse and into the rain again. He slowly advanced toward me, snapping repeatedly, forcing me back as his cronies followed close behind him, ready to lend support.

"Weakling!" Screamed the lady in red, hurling a fireball at me, similar to the one the man used earlier, only larger and more intense. Just like before, the flames passed over me without so much as singing a hair, and like before, I retaliated in kind. This time, though, I brought the blade I held down, point first, into the ground, shattering it with a thunderous explosion, a deadly orange glow bursting through the cracks in the ground, a fissure shooting off from where the blade pierced the concrete, firing like a lightning bolt toward the crowd, a streak of orange following it. Just as it reached them, it exploded upward, splitting the ground asunder, revealing a boiling pit of lava hundreds of feet below, shards of stone flying off in every direction, piercing cloth, skin and bone as they went. Several of the men and women fell into the fissure, screaming to their fiery demise, others fell victim to the stone projectiles.

Resonance, though, managed to escape, rolling out of the way of the fissure and propelling anything that flew his way the opposite direction which his annoying sound manipulation. Scowling, he drew the longsword from his back, tapping the tip off of the ground, sending off a soft hum that warped the air, displacing the rain as it fell, opening a bubble of dry around us for several dozen yards. The vibration of the blade also made the air feel thick and any movement sluggish.

"Get out of here, all of you, I've got this!" He yelled to his compatriots, pacing slowly toward me, several yards from the glowing fissure. Lightning streaked overhead, the boom of thunder signalling his rush as he closed the space between us in an instance, swinging his blade from the left, a streak of silver and a hiss of death. Reacting immediately, I blocked the blow with my forearm, realizing only after I'd done it what his plan was. Metal on metal, it turns out, makes a really loud noise, a noise he can control. It was this explosion of sound that rocketed me backwards, sending me crashing through two warehouses before coming to rest in the wrecked remains of a cargo container. As I opened my eyes, I could see him charging through the wreckage, ready to end the battle. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready to give up, and I heaved myself to my feet, shoving the warped metal away as if made of paper, taking in a deep breath before unleashing another torrent of blue flame, far larger than the last, this one engulfing the entirety of the pier, the force of the fire obliterating the two warehouses I'd flown through as well as Resonance's hideout. The brightness of the flames filling the night, lighting the pier with a bright blue, casting long shadows of the other buildings and equipment before flickering out of existence, the only evidence of the warehouses being melted stone columns. Slowly, the whole peir began to slide down, much of the cement having been melted to a point that it was like wet clay, drooping on it's supports into the sea, filling the air with the hiss of water on fire, steam exploding up from the edges of the pier.

And yet, in the middle of the destruction, stood Resonance, slightly toasted, but still fully alive, his blade, glowing a bright white, clutched in his grip. As soon as his eyes locked onto me, he swung his sword overhead and brought it down on the melting stone beneath him, sending a shockwave of sound in my direction, tossing me backward and upward, launching me high into the sky above the warehouse, the sound of the hit ringing in my ears. I gritted my teeth and regained my composure, falling to the ground with a crash, shattering the concrete under me and leaving a sizeable crater. I couldn't afford to let him have any distance, he had somehow survived my fire breath and seemed more comfortable keeping me at range, which suggested that he was weaker at hand to hand combat, and more than likely didn't have more than a superpowered human's physical strength. With my strategy in hand, I launched myself forward with a powerful kick, crashing through the tin wall of the warehouse I'd landed behind, streaking out of the darkness straight at Resonance, who was hunkered down and ready for me. I landed just out of range of his blade, ducking low to avoid his first swing and sliding on my knees toward him, my claws ready to tear into his waist and leg. Unfortunately, he saw what was coming and spun out of the way, using the momentum to swing at me again. This time I had no choice but to block, though instead of just straight up blocking, I reached out and gripped the blade, muffling the following explosion and causing most of the vibration to stay in the blade, rattling it around in his grip as if it were alive. With that, I pulled hard, yanking him toward me and driving my other claw straight through his chest, through his heart, and out the back of his shirt, a spray of blood exploding from my hand as it tore through the cloth, splattering the ground beneath us with red, the blood sizzling softly as it hit the hot cement.

"Balance has been restored," I whispered softly, laying the body to the side, his eyes still wide with shock and pain, "Rest well, Resonance, I'll see you in the Halls of the Dead," With that, I stood and made my way off of the pier, the rain growing in strength as if Wake mourned the loss of another hero.


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Re: Resonance vs. Sleep - Voting

Post  LordTomyh on Mon May 30, 2016 5:43 pm

I'm fairly certain this has been long enough, and the victor is Mike and Sleep. Congratulations.


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