Guidelines and Rules for Hosting a Role Play

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Guidelines and Rules for Hosting a Role Play

Post  Damxge on Fri May 13, 2016 9:07 pm

Hello there! Whether you're new to role playing or a veteran, you'll want to look over this thread real quick to make sure you're familiar with the style of Role Play we do here on Ex and how to set up a sign up thread to recruit for your awesome RPs. The rules for hosting a Role Play are also in this thread (closer to the bottom), so make sure you check those out so you don't break any of them by mistake.

Let's get started! What kind of RP do we do here?
For the most part, Role Play around here is done in first person. This doesn't mean you can't write in third person if that's your preferred style, but don't be surprised if few others are doing it.
Our role play is also done in a fashion where you'll have a separate character for each RP you're involved in. This can be different from a lot of RPing sites where you play a single character; it takes considerably more skill to RP in several games at once as several different characters and keep it all straight and organized. For the most part, we find that this is much more challenging and provides a great amount of experience for budding writers, and continued practice for veterans. If you're not a fan of this style of RPing, you're more than welcome to join a single RP at a time and enjoy yourself that way!

How does the Role Playing system work?
Without getting into the nitty gritty of it, a person who has an idea for a Role Play will post a sign up thread in the Sign Ups section of their preferred board (Casual, Strict, or NSFW), with their idea for the RP. People will then read over it, and if it interests them, they'll write up a new character and apply to join the game. Once enough people have applied and been accepted, the "RP Admin" (the person who created the RP) will post a Play Thread in the RPing board (Casual, Strict, or NSFW) where the players may then begin posting and building the story.

Cool! Can I post my own?
First of all, make sure you understand the differences between the Three Different Role Play Boards. before continuing.
Once you're clear on that, just follow these basic guidelines when creating your RP thread!
1. Include the title of your RP in the title of the thread.
2. Indicate whether or not the RP is [Open] or [Closed] in the title, this lets people know if you're accepting new applications or not.
3. Include your story and all relevant information to the RP. There's really no set way to write out a sign up thread, just look around at what others have done and emulate them until you're comfortable enough to go out on your own!
4. Make sure you're following all the rules! You could get a nasty ban if you accidentally break the rules. While we are loose with our RPing, there are topics that are offlimits. Check the rules below for specifics.

And that's it! Now you've got your awesome RP up and going, just sit back and wait for a few people to join and then start it up!

Rules anyone who plans on hosting a Role Play should read.
✪ First and foremost: racist, terrorist themed, overly sexual, rape/targeted violence style RPs are NOT allowed. You will be banned and the RP will be removed should you post something of these sorts.
✪ Sex and literotica have their own place in the NSFW section and have their own rules. Casual and Strict boards are not the places for this content. Visit this topic if you're interested in NSFW RP.

✪ Abuse toward other members in RPs is frowned upon. You'll likely get a warning or even a short ban.

✪ Role Plays, particularly assassin/hitman ones (but not limited to them), that include killing real people (or their literature counterparts) are forbidden. Meaning no, you can't kill your least favorite Presidential Nominee.

✪ Role Plays that involve personal information from users (such as addresses, photos, and other private info.) are not allowed. You should never ask for a picture of someone who wants to join your RP.

✪ It is generally in poor taste to post a Role Play with a public "blacklist", a blacklist being members of the forum that you don't like and who are not allowed to join the RP. It's okay to refuse them, but to make it publicly known from the start is rather rude. You'll more than likely be warned for pulling stunts like this.

✪ Explicit drug use is not allowed. While drug use in general is not a banned subject, the specifics should be left to the imagination.

✪ Ripoff RPs are in poor taste. Meaning if you want to do a pirate RP and there's already one in progress, make sure that yours differentiates itself thoroughly or it will be looked at as a ripoff and possibly deleted.

✪ Role Plays set in popular fictional worlds are allowed (such existing worlds as those found in animes, books, movies, and games.) THE REFERENCING OR PLAYING AS SPECIFIC EXISTING CHARACTERS IN THEM IS NOT ALLOWED. This is for legal reasons and it's best to just make up your own characters anyways.

✪ This forum is for Role Players of all ages, so make sure your RPs have tact.

✪ Don't advertise in your Role Plays! We have a strict "No Advertisement" policy here on Ex. So don't link to other forums of the same genre and don't post clickbait. Information sources and research sites are perfectly acceptable.

✪ Make sure your RP is at least most of the way fleshed out. A half finished RP should go in the Role Play Development board.

I think that's everything! If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and leave them below. Good luck to you and have fun!


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